Debate for Violent Revolutions Essay Sample

10 October 2017

305 violent revolutions have succeeded since 1900 compared to a sum of 21 peaceable revolutions. Many believe that passive resistance is the manner to travel. and violent 1s are out the inquiry. In world. though. in many instances. force is the lone option. The people might seek for rights. but in many fortunes. the authorities will experience threatened and kill them. Or If all the motion is making is keeping up marks. those in power will merely jeer at them and non take the revolution earnestly.

John f. Kennedy one time said “those who make peaceable revolution impossible do violent revolution inevitable. ” Meaning that if no 1 is paying attending to a peaceable revolution. a violent one is bound to go on. Yes. force does harm guiltless citizens. but in the terminal. if those in power are go againsting natural rights. they need to be GONE. Hobbes. an Enlightenment mind said that “words are wise work forces counters. they do non but think by them. ” We believe that this means that words. no affair how good thought out. may non make much.

” He who would be free must strike the first blow. ” Frederick Douglass said during the Civil War. The Civil War resulted in freedom for the black slaves. If the North and south didn’t conflict it out. America wouldn’t be the topographic point of freedom it is now. The African American slaves had perfectly no rights. therefor they were powerless and a peaceable revolution was impossible. Around 200. 000 slaves were freed from at that place capturers as a consequence of the war.

During the Gallic revolution. the people had no pick but to revolt violently. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were populating a life of luxury and parties while their people were hungering easy to their deceases. Of class. the common mans tried to subvert them peacefully. but that merely didn’t work. They had to make up one’s mind: hold their rights violated and hunger. or to hold a violent revolution. Many lives were lost. yes. but in the terminal. the people of France regained autonomy.

To sum it up. we believe that violent revolutions are neither good nor bad. but sometimes the lone option. They do harm many worlds. but among them have been people who were pitiless leaders. immoral combatants. relentless slayers. and lawbreakers of natural rights. And where we do see that peaceable revolution is a antic first pick. we know that if that doesn’t work. a violent revolution will go on. They are needed.

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