Debut Albums and Child

12 December 2017

This is a small play depicting the importance of unity.

Here is an old man in a village. He has 4 children. He is worried because his children are always fighting among themselves. Scene: All the children are fighting with each other. Child 1: Father, he (II) does not work at all. He Is very lazy. Child 2: You are lazy and cunning.

I hate you. Father, I don’t want to live with him, Child 3: Father, he always takes away my things.Child 4: Don’t lie in front of father. Father, he is a liar. Father: Children II Enough. For God sake stop flitting. Come here.

(They all come near him) Father: Each one of you go and get a stick from our backyard. (They all come back with a stick) Together: Father, we have the sticks. Father: Now, break them in to pieces. Children: Yes, we did. That was so easy. Father: Now, tie all those pieces together with a string.Children: Here it is ready.

Father: Now try to break it. Children: Father!! It’s not breaking. It’s strong now. Father: All of you learn from this simple example. You could break them when they were single but could not even bend them when they were together.

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