Decade Of Decadence

9 September 2019

Mntley CrPIe never sounded better than on their latest album, “Decade of Decadence.” The album is a collection of songs, set in chronological order, from their five albums. Two songs are withdrawn from each album, along with one from a soundtrack, another from a separate collection, and three brand new ones. Since these songs are in chronological order, one can easily witness the musical growth of Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil.

In the first four selections from their “Too Fast For Love” and “Shout at the Devil” albums, the CrPIe display their trademark drumming and killer riffs. On the other hand, for a true analysis one must note that in all these songs the choruses are composed of only one line. However, these short choruses are welcomed in songs where the lyrics are sung too fast to make any sense at all.

“Home Sweet Home,” a classic ballad that broke Mntley CrPIe into the big time, is remixed and displays Vince at his best vocal ranges. The next two songs, “Smoking in the Boys Room” and “Girls, Girls, Girls,” are both very light-hearted and tell interesting tales. The best song however, is “Wild Side” (not the “Marky Mark” version [see review at right]) depicting downtown life.

The drums, guitars, and lyrics, which for the first time seem to actually say something, work together to form a perfect song. “A baby cries, a cop dies, a day is paid on the wild side,” Neil sings, as the listener feels as though he is located at the song’s setting. Next up, “Dr. Feelgood,” an air-guitarist’s dream, enlightens the public on the drug scene in such lines as, “Cops on the corner, always ignore, something about getting paid.” The album also features a live version of “Kickstart My Heart” that is almost better than the studio cut.

The songs “Teaser,” which the CrPIe donated to the ’89 album “Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell,” and “Rock and Roll Junkie” off the “Ford Fairlane” soundtrack are new to the general public and are pure fun. The first and probably last single off the album, “Primal Scream,” is currently being abused on MTV. The album’s only sour notes are “Angel” and “Anarchy in the U.K.” Both are pointless and do not measure up to the quality established throughout the album.

In all the songs, the CrPIe display an unmistakable unity. All the band members share the spotlight and act as a group that is not out for personal gain. All together, the album rocks harder than ever and is well worth its price. n

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