Decentralization of the Cultural Arts

4 April 2015
A discussion of trends and effects of the decentralization of cultural arts funding in the U.S.

This paper examines the political and theoretical motivations behind the argument for decentralized arts funding. Also discussed are views on decentralization trends in arts funding and the potential effects on artists, arts organizations and arts audiences as well as on rural, urban and suburban areas.
“The Arts breathes life into any community, whether urban, suburban, or rural. How often have we heard of a ghost town, perhaps an old mining town, or a city’s abandoned warehouse district, or a small farming community once remote but now only minutes away the city limits of a major city, that has been virtually transformed by becoming home for the arts. Art is a magnet. It draws people no matter their race, social or economic status. It is just as likely that a tobacco farmer, living a hundred miles from the nearest metropolitan area, enjoys the Boston Pops on PBS just as much as the executive living in a high-rise condo.

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