Decision Making in our Life

7 July 2017

The Decisions to be or not to be, that is the question. ” (Shakespeare, Act 3 Scene 1) The burden of major decision making weighs on the minds many. Some deliberate on taking a new Job, marrying the love of their life, even moving home to take care off family member. L, myself, have made the decision to move home. Even though independence may be stripped, this decision is a stepping stone too new life and is a very effective choice because it allows for financial stability and secured prenatal lifer.

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Decision Making in our Life
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In fact, there is quite a bit of alternatives to evaluate in order to start “stepping on the stones” to the new life. All the options that helped in decision making, proved to produce the most effective solution. “The first stage in the decision-making process is to recognize that a problem exists and must be solved. ” (Bateman, 2011, Chapter 3) My thoughts followed down a similar path of thinking. The immediate problem that was to be addressed is the stability of my life as is was at that point in time. I have goals of where I want my life to be at and when I want it to be there.

Staying in the same taxation, same destination would cause me to fall further away from my ultimate goal. Just as Bateman(2011) expressed, “The ‘problem’ may actually be an opportunity that needs to be exploited: a gap between what the organization is doing now and what it can do to create a more positive future. ” (Chapter 3) Thus, I had to create and visualize my following steps within this opening. There will always be heavy deciding factors, or openings, that push you the extra distance, the health and welfare of a parent would be one to follow.

It hits home, having a parent that needs the care and attention that was once even to their own child. To some, the decision of dropping everything and heading home in order to care for their sickly parent would be fairly difficult to implement. To others, like myself, its perceived as 4 a special certainty. “A recent survey shows that more adult children are returning home to live with their parent’s. This pattern has emerged in the past (almost always associated with economic downturns) and this time is no different. As the economy struggles, it becomes more difficult for young people to gain their independence. Dunn 2012) This sort of statistic ran through my mind as I was still making this decision, but the needs of my mother outweighed the shame and analyze the value of this new path or alternative, money. The most important reason making this decision is a stepping stone to a new life and is a very effective choice is due to the financial stability it will generate. “The third stage of decision making involves determining the value or adequacy of the alternatives that were generated… Of course, results cannot be forecast with perfect accuracy.

But sometimes decision makers can build in safeguards against an uncertain future by considering the potential consequences of several different scenarios. ” (Bateman, 2011, Chapter 3) Staying at home seemed to support this step, due to the impeccable amount of safeguards that come from being home. Before hand, my finances were shaky at best. Money was hard to acquire, especially when the income is depleted before it is even earned After arriving, optimization of my finances as well as sustaining my mother’s welfare. With determination and vigilance my finances can create a balance to push my future plans and goals into action.

Some may argue that being home with your parent’s can strip you of your independence, having to follow the rules of their home as well as how they want you to live your life. They will always be there to emphasize control over you, but the benefits of creating a stable life outweigh the need for this immediate independence. Although independence is important to a growing individual, and important for decision making, these decisions are stepping stones to a new life as well as an effective.

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