Decisions, decisions

11 November 2018

My faith is by far, the most important thing to me and it is just as important to many others. I remember, feeling afraid to practice it outward around my fellow friends and classmates. The sheer utter of “God Bless You” after a sneeze seemed to be met with an awkward silence. “Oh how the mighty have fallen from grace, literally.”In our schools, prayer was outwardly excepted and vividly practiced, but eventually banned. I remember not knowing when I left home every morning, to either leave or bring my bible, due to the negative vibes and cold shoulders I would get throughout the day.

It never feels good to be on the outside, neglected and abandoned, but on the second hand, it is never right to substitute your beliefs for someone else’s, just for the sake of fitting in.Faith is something in our schools, communities, and ultimately in our world that often gets overlooked, whether or not we are willing to admit it. The question I ask is, why? Why are we so afraid to believe in what we don’t understand? I guess the idea of a God or greater being, whichever your personal preference, is simply inconceivable and in this case unacceptable.It’s not within anyone’s right, to say what religion you should or should not choose, in our schools or in our communities. I feel that it is an individuals choice alone, who or what he or she believes, without encountering or experiencing hostility.The topic “Religion” isn’t entirely the point of the matter here, but how the constant nagging pressure of students, can ultimately lead to more serious and complicated situations, than a simple debate over bringing or leaving a personal item.Many students around the world, throw away their ambitions to be in a more popular group or to not be teased and made fun of.

Decisions, decisions Essay Example

In fact, this course of action, if not address, can result in bullying and torment. The support from guidance programs and student resource centers are more valuable now, than ever.After leaving the pressures of my peers and the whole High School experience behind me, I seemed to have stumbled into a environment possibly worse than before. As a 19 year old sophomore in college, my will to do what’s right has been many times tested. But ultimately, in my time of doubt I remember my religion and how I shouldn’t abandon my ambitions regardless the situation.How eager are we to fit in and be excepted, that we are willing to throw away our values and beliefs? Until we stop, and stand up for what we believe in, this will continually be teens “right-of-passage.” No one must be forgotten or left behind, so consider standing up and saying, No! It’s the only way to actually start making a positive change even if it’s only in your community.I’ve made my decision, what will be yours…?

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