Declaration of Independence

1 January 2018

The Declaration of Independence Is a type of government document In which granted the thirteen American colonies independence from Great Britain, due to England’s tax raises on the American colonists. The handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. The declaration includes signatures of fifty-six delegates. Having served its purpose as announcing the independence of the United States, the declaration was neglected In the years following the American Revolution

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After the French and Indian war had taken place, the British government had decided to take advantage of the colonies and use them to their own benefit from the colonies. One of the major advantages they had taken on the colonies was the increased taxation on tea. This had angered many of the colonists, due to the increased taxation without representation. The colonist had taken action, or rebelled, towards the British Empire by an event called the Boston Tea Party; which was a number of colonists discarding numerous amounts of tea Into the ocean, In a result he British Empire had passed several laws called the Intolerable Acts.

The Declaration of Independence was later adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. One of the main leaders during this time period was John Adams. He was one of the main leaders that was pushing for independence for the United States. The Committee of Five, which included John Adams, Roger Shaman, Robert , Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson; they had originally drafted the formal declaration. The declaration was agreed upon on July 2, 1776 In Pennsylvania. Y the Second Continental Congress committee in order to gain their independence from Great Britain.

Thomas Jefferson, and American Founding Father, was the great author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson had attended the Collage of William and Mary at the age of sixteen and had graduated in 1762, later he had found Interest in law and admitted to the bar In 1767. Jefferson had finally gotten married, after several years of being a circuit lawyer, to Martha Wales Skeleton. Other than getting married, Jefferson was one the best scholars around at this time.

He was one of the brilliant minds who had believed in the colony’s independence, was very well-educated and was appointed by the Continental Congress to write the Declaration of Independence for these reasons. Jefferson also wrote the rights of the people, role of the government, and at one point he wrote the specific negative details that the government of Great Britain had done. During the beginning of the American Revolution, Jefferson had also served in the Continental Congress, representing the state of Virginia, in which he later became the Governor of Virginia.

The Declaration of Independence was clearly written in order for the thirteen colonies to be declared independent states, and to be no longer ruled by Great Britain. The Intent of Thomas Jefferson by creating the Declaration of Independence was to be a free and Independent nation away from being ruled and governed by be first-person point of view, because the declaration states “we” such as the whole United States wanting independence from Great Britain.

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