Dedication: School Types and Baguio Tech Essay Sample

The straight-talking adult male on the barber’s chair. Mr. Rosendo Donida. was a Realtor from Manila who had leased from the Baguio diocese the Antipolo edifice. a spectral subsister of the battle for Liberation like most of the other edifices left standing on Session Road. and determinedly transformed it into a hotel of four floors. But the tourer trade did non turn out every bit good as he expected. There was merely a drip of visitants from the United States aside from the GIs briefly stationed in town while waiting to be assigned to the inside. It was this construction that the professor-barber looked over with a lifting exhilaration. there and so make up one’s minding it would more that suffice for a school. Knock down some of the dividers and you have the schoolrooms. Donida farther enlisted the aid of a former schoolmate of his in Pre-Law at U. P. . Atty. Benjamin Salvosa. from Unisan. Quezon. who in bend brought in Mrs. Andrea Tapia from Pampanga. who contributed some financess for research lab equipment. Salvosa. a corporate attorney and erstwhile president of Philcoa. turn out to hold graduated from U. P. on the same twelvemonth that Nanding marched out with his master’s sheepskin.

With Salvosa as president. the four of them lost no clip in forming the Baguio Colleges that set out to offer Law. Engineering. Commerce. Broad Arts. Normal. Education. High School and Elementary. It was agreed that Fernando Bautista would be executive dean and registrar aside from learning Psychology and Education at a wage of P250 a month. while his married woman Rosa Bautista ( so heavy with her 6th boy Gil. born on April 4. 1946 ) would be chief of the Elementary and High School and dean of the Normal Department at a wage of P200. With some 400 enrollees. Baguio Colleges opened its doors in January of 1946. the first school to keep categories after the war besides St. Louis which had a small earlier scrounged up its High School for male childs and misss. Bautista had at first recruited instructors in and around Baguio but after the first one-fourth of school appliers started pouring in from Manila and the northern lowland states. He had tried to look for his old co-workers at U. P. but it seemed he was the lone one from the college left behind in Baguio after the hegira of the war. A bent for the trade once more came into drama. As a grant to him. his spouses had allowed him to secure with his ain money the text editions and mention stuffs and lease them out to the pupils.

He scoured the secondhand bookstores in Manila. and ab initio utilizing the money he earned from the Barber store. bought the Barnes and Noble text editions really cheap. every bit low as P2 to P5 each ( the rate of exchange in 1946 was two pesos to a dollar ) . Within a one-fourth or two of the schoolyear he was able to retrieve his disbursals. By its 2nd twelvemonth the registration in Baguio Colleges had jumped to 1. 500. lift uping Salvosa and reassuring Nanding Bautista who had bounced back with even greater enthusiasm and energy to learning – with no great loss to vegetable peddling or barbering ( although he surely had done good at either ) . In that same twelvemonth. the Sisters of the St. Mary’s Primary School implored Bautista. who by so was known for his connexions in the instruction agency in Manila. to assist them set up the documents for their primary school. A twelvemonth subsequently he besides worked on the documents of the Baguio Chinese Patriotic School where he became English supervisor. Fr. Overbeckt. so a Doctrine professor at Baguio Colleges. likewise asked his aid with the documents for the St. Louis College. “We were good friends and I was happy that he asked me to assist him. ” Bautista says. ( St. Louis. now a university. “a rich institution” owing to its big foreign gifts. looms big and solid right across the University of Baguio whose unpretentious constructions had evidently grown by a slow accumulation. But being neighbours has ne’er bothered Bautista.

“There’s plenty room in Baguio for all of us. ” he says. ) As president of the PTA Federation of Baguio. a station he was elected to shortly after Liberation. he indefatigably threw himself into the work of rehabilitating all the public simple schools in the metropolis. He was helped by the metropolis authorities ( so under Mayor Pedro Carino ) which was so besides still seeking to shore up itself up on its pess. Bautista organized PTAs in all simple schools and enlisted them in fund-raising activities. like kitchen showers and bazars ( the cat who sewed the drapes and the tablecloths in Sta. Ana Elementary School was no alien to such matronly endeavors ) to raise money for desks. chalkboards. and bookcases. One large event he spearheaded was the Liberation Festival Beauty Queen competition which raised a significant sum of money for the school rehabilitation fund. Nanding had enrolled his male childs at the Baguio Central School to demo his assurance in the public schools system. He served as president of the PTA Federation of Baguio for 12 old ages.

His stretch with Baguio Colleges was much. much shorter. In January of 1948. two old ages after the initiation of Baguio Colleges. Nanding and Rosa resigned their stations. They unfeignedly felt they would make better on their ain as school decision makers. fired by their ain vision for a school. “Our thought was to bring forth immature work forces and adult females who are technically trained to help in the immediate rehabilitation of Baguio City and the state and who will complement the work of applied scientists and other professionals. What was desperately needed was a vocational school offering classs that required comparatively short periods to finish. ” Bautista explains. Just about the clip the Bautistas had made up their heads to go forth Baguio Colleges. U. P. President Bienvenido Gonzales came with an offer of posting Bautista as registar in either Cebu or Iloilo ( he must hold unfeignedly thought Bautista. with a married woman and a whole bunch of childs. might be eager one time more for the exhilaration and escapade of another far-off topographic point ) . The good president tried to tease him with a wage of P500. but of class Bautista could merely smile and courteously diminution: he was already doing every bit much as P1. 500 from his shop and barbershop.

And the beaming chance of establishing his ain school beckoned – a proficient school which he and Nanay had decided to name Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute. They had all the makings to put up their ain school: they both had a Maestro of Humanistic disciplines in Education from U. P. and they both had been exemplary instructors in Manila. It made things easier for them. excessively. that they had the convenient connexions in Manila. The blessing functionaries were former supervisors of theirs who would hold no wrangle with their certificates. Dr. Manuel Carreon. the Director of the Bureau of Private Schools. was head of the Trials and Measurements Division where Nanding was one time placed on particular item. And Prudencio Langcauon. the Secretary of Education. was the overseer of metropolis schools when Nanding was chief of the Rizal Elementary School and Rosing was the principal of the M. Hizon Elementary School. But the couple’s fundss were a spot frayed. It was Rosa who volunteered to do the trek to Malabon and do a proposal to Dr. Florentino Cayco. who had trained Rosa to be a theoretical account instructor and. in that mortifying episode. interviewed Nanding for his station as Drawing teacher.

Cayco was so president of Arellano University and they thought he might be interested in fall ining them as spouse in their vocational school venture. Dr. Cayco was so tremendously interested. so much so that he wanted a 51 per centum portion of the venture. But Nanding. rather justly. wanted capital aid more than another foreman. That left him with raising the needful financess himself. Fortunately. he had this 400-sq m belongings along Sampaloc Avenue in Quezon City which he had acquired before the war and to the full paid for during the Occupation. He had no trouble happening a purchaser: Mr. Max Sanvictores who put up the popular Max’s Chicken Restaurant on the site. For the school constructing itself. what could be a more convenient site. under the fortunes. than Nanding’s barber store and li’l shop on Session Road? No Oklahoman had the superb thought hit him than he put about raising the roof. constructing a 2nd floor to suit two schoolrooms. and non to bury. the life quarters for his unstoppably turning household. and change overing the land floor. including the narrow back street. into more schoolrooms. Such was his kindling and finding that it did non happen to him that the construction. viewed from the street. looked more like a barracks than a school. what with its walling of burned GI sheets whitewashed with carburo.

Hearing about the Bautistas’ frantic attempts to set up a vocational school. Mr. Victor Oteyza. who owned one. offered to sell his school to the Bautistas outright but Nanding was more interested in Oteyza’s decrepit typewriters. Most of them were worthy campaigners for the junkyard but Nanding. the adept fiddler and practical mastermind. was certain they could be salvaged. He bought the whole batch and by cannibalising two or three units for trim parts he was able to recondition some 14 machines. He got Mr. Pedro Orden and Mr. Canuto Mabalot to manage typewriting categories and Mr. Julian Reyes to learn steno. For the automotive and diesel mechanics classs. he hired Mr. Sampang who owned an car fix store near Burnham Park. ne’er head that he could talk a word of English. A chemical applied scientist. Mr. Vivencio Villaruz. gave the talks while Mr. Sampang. with his grease-stained mechanics. gave the presentations and hands-on preparation. For text edition on car mechanics every bit good as typewriting and clerking he relied on the softcover EM editions ( which besides put out the popular novels and authoritative chef-d’oeuvres selling for a dime apiece on the pavements of Azcarraga ) . Always one to maintain an ear cocked for deals. he got a arms bearer for a vocal at an auction of old equipment on Clark Air Base.

The vehicle was used for direction and demo. Radio equipment. from the war supplies left behind. were easier to come by. He got Captain Serquina and Mr. Jorge Borja Sr. to manage wireless classs. The bustle and exhilaration of forming the new school was dampened by a household calamity. While Rosa and Nanding were working on the documents for the school in Manila. their eight-month-old girl Generosa fell sick of amebic dysentery. Generosa was so named to admit the generous approvals of God who had eventually blessed them with a girl after six boies in a row ; born in June of 1946. she came between Virgilio. who was born in 1946 after Liberation. and the 7th male child and last kid Joselito. who was born in 1949. Generosa was a frail babe and her decease was all excessively sudden. They rushed back place upon acquiring word that the babe was ill. but it was excessively late to salvage her. Three yearss after they arrived. their one and merely miss. the small angel. died of desiccation. But there’s a happy footer to this calamity. Several old ages subsequently. in January of 1956. Nanding and Rosa came upon another beautiful babe whom they adopted and named Rosalynn. The baby’s female parent. who was from Benguet. and had had five other girls. died while giving birth to Rosalynn. Rosalynn’s bereaved male parent. a Chinese named Santiago Chan. blamed the babe for the decease of his married woman.

Dr. Dominador Narvaez. who delivered the babe. and who happened to be Nanding’s compadre. persuaded the male parent to intrust the three-day-old baby with the Bautistas until such clip as he would be ready to take her dorsum. And so it came to go through that Rosalynn grew up with Nanding and Rosa and the seven bullies male childs who spoiled her. When she was six old ages old she was brought to the Baguio Chinese Patriotic School. It was here that she came to cognize of her sisters. whom she would fall in at drama during deferral. drawn to them by a brood replete natural among small animals and kids. The older sisters grew fond of her. their small sister. and when Lynn turned 13 they pleaded with the Bautistas: “Can we have her with us? ” The natural male parent had had a alteration of bosom and had forgiven the kid and himself. With a heavy bosom. Rosa and Nanding surrendered the miss. But Rosalynn ne’er truly abandoned her surrogate parents. When she got married. to Hiber Damoco. a Chinese ladino. her two male parents gave her away. one on each side of her as she marched down the aisle.

Rosalynn finished Nursing but she has lief abandoned her calling for place and household. and now assists in the family’s turning rice franchise while raising her three male childs. Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute. Baguio Tech for short. opened in schoolyear 1948-49. with 89 pupils and five fulltime instructors in the modest five-room ( including back street ) carburo-washed construction on a 200-sq m homesteader batch on Session route midway between Mabini street and Malcolm Square. It was authorized to offer commercial and proficient high school and classs in automotive Mechanics. Radio Mechanics. Radio Telegraphy. Horology. Stenography and Bookkeeping. On the first twelvemonth of operation. most of the enrollees in the vocational classs were US Veterans pensionaries who qualified for their monthly stipends merely if they were enrolled in a school. whether academic. vocational or proficient. Most of them were antecedently enrolled in a vocational school in the Lowlandss which had been found out to be anomalously bear downing the US Veterans Administration for equipment and books. When these schools were declared off-limits to Veterans pupils. the pensionaries transferred to Baguio Tech. many of them for the biennial classs in Radio and Auto Mechanics.

Word of the classs in Baguio Tech spread like intelligence of MacArthur’s “landing. ” ensuing in a uninterrupted supply of US Veterans pupils from Pangasinan and the Mountain Provinces. non a few of whom were as old. if non older. than the laminitiss of the school. On its first twelvemonth. Baguio Tech graduated 14 high school pupils. “It was. by all histories. a good start for any establishment – in Baguio or anyplace else. ” Bautista comments. It helped that the school employed carefully chosen fulltime instructors every bit good as the best teachers from the Baguio City High School making parttime. Rosa Bautista herself was adept as a Mathematics instructor and a crisp one in English. Psychology and Social Sciences. The repute of the Bautistas as first-class pedagogues. and for manque instructors. as model public school principals. was furthered bolstered when on the 2nd twelvemonth of Baguio Tech. a biennial Normal class was added to suit transferees from the other schools. ( U. B. would systematically exceed Competitive Teachers Tests. )

To do room to the turning pupil population Baguio Tech leased an flat at the dorsum of Pines Theater. In January of 1950 the metropolis council passed an regulation that decrees that merely concrete constructions would be allowed on Session Road. so and now the centre of commercialism and touristry in Baguio. But with or without the regulation. the salvaged-wood-and-GI sheet labyrinth decidedly had to travel. Baguio Tech would hold to travel on from the bare-knuckle entrepreneurship of the Liberation epoch to the technological challenges of the overhauling 50s. The job. nevertheless. for the invariably cash-strapped twosome was: where to acquire the resources to get a new and better location for the spread outing school. Nanding hied off to Dr. Teodoro C. Arvisu. a Baguio veteran and former manager of the Baguio General Hospital. who owned the Session Road batch occupied by Baguio Tech. and pleaded with him to rent the topographic point to him to P200 a month. The physician. holding other programs for it. declined. The celestial spheres intervened. From one of their teachers in Baguio Tech. Honorio Estepa. an Ilocano. Nanding and Rosa learned about a 1. 000-sq thousand belongings bing P18. 000 in the Holy Ghost Subdivision along General Luna route owned by the bishopric of Nueva Segovia whose place was in Vigan. Ilocos Sur.

Without much hold. Nanding and Rosa betook themselves to Vigan to pay a visit to bishop Sancho of the bishopric. an aged Castilian gentleman who spoke neither Ilocano nor Tagalog. Providence was on the couple’s side. The bishop’s secretary. Fr. Daniel Cortez. who solved the communicating job. listened attentively to them and so made a convincing instance in their behalf. the pressing point being that the Bautistas wanted to turn the idle belongings into a booming centre of instruction in the Cordillera. Bishop Sancho did non merely see the glare of this vision. he besides sympathized with the couple’s pennilessness. It was a most extraordinary dealing. the art of the trade with a bosom. “We told Father Cortez that we did non hold the money to purchase the batch but if he would impart us the rubric we could utilize it as a collateral to borrow money from the bank. Father Cortez laughed and said. ‘You have non given us a individual centavo and you want us to give the rubric? How is that? ’ I felt my bosom drop a small but I replied. “Father. we are stating you the truth. We don’t have the money to purchase the batch but we need to reassign our school and if we can non acquire the batch we will hold to shut our school. ”

The good bishop smiled and nodded. The rubric was transferred to the couple’s name without any downpayment. On the strength of the rubric they were able to acquire a loan of P10. 000 from the PNB Baguio. Nine thousand went to pay for one-half of the cost of the belongings. one 1000 to level the edifice on Session Road. Then Nanding contracted architect Aida del Rosario and her hubby the applied scientist Jose del Rosario to construct the school for P32. 000. “I don’t cognize how I was able to raise the money but God was really sort. Somehow I was able to pay for the edifice and at the same clip to honour my committedness to Bishop Sancho. ” As agreed upon with the bishop. the balance of P9. 000 was to be offset by supplying the Retreat House of Nueva Segovia in Baguio with concrete hollow blocks and cosmetic cement tiles. To carry through this duty. instantly after the building of the first stage of the edifice on General Luna the Bautistas offered the devising of hollow redstem storksbills and cosmetic tiles as portion of the vocational classs. In less than a twelvemonth. the balance with Nueva Segovia was settled.

The first edifice on the General Luna belongings. whose basis was laid in the summer of 1950. would be normally referred to as the Main Building and became the karyon of the establishment whose growing surpassed the outlooks of the modest twosome. It began as eight-room matter. three floors high. with Nanding’s office located on the land floor adjacent to the library. He moved to the edifice with his original instructors and the office staff – Mr. Mabalot. Mr. Alzate. Mr. Julian Reyes. and Apolonia Diaz-Academia. so a pupil helper who worked in the office together with Jorge Borja and Bautista’s cousin and adult male Friday. Tiyo Tanching. ( Tiyo Tanching ( de la Cruz ) . the household unwritten history has it. was the storybook male child from Tondo. a wild orphan whom Nanding Bautista had taken under his wings and set on the right way. He was the boy of Lola Bitang’s half-sister Pina. After the war he went to work at the Atok Big Wedge in the assay office of the chemist Mike Ampil. He subsequently became a mailman in Baguio. )

The Main Building was finished in clip for the 1950-51 schoolyear when the Bautistas opened four-year classs in Commerce and Liberal Arts along with a Normal Training Department for prospective instructors in reply to the pressing demand for trained simple school teachers. With the inclusion of these classs the proficient and commercial institute deemed it suit to rename itself a college and therefore besides became a corporation. Educational establishments are traditionally non known to be money-making ventures. The new corporation attracted shareholders merely from the Bautistas’ immediate relations: Pablo and Luisa Sulit. an uncle and aunt. who came up with P2. 000 each ; Amado Bautista. Fernando’s older brother. who contributed P1. 000 ; and Illuminada C. Boado. in ulterior old ages the dean of the College of Education. who carefully fished out P100. the lone module member who responded to the invitation to go stockholders of P100 per portion. Laminitiss Fernando Bautista and Rosa Bautista remained president and secretary-treasurer. severally. in the august tradition of household corporations. ( Bing a proprietary establishment ; the University of Baguio besides militias the right of rank in the board of legal guardians entirely to members of the family. )

Rosa Bautista was the first principal of the High School. a place she relinquished to Ernesto C. Alcantara in 1957 when her cousins. Angeles and Rosario Castillo. besides joined the school to learn Pilipino and Home Economics. Nanding and Rosa Bautista ran the school like household. giving it their extreme personal attending. covering with jobs of pupils and instructors straight. with sympathy and understanding. like a Tatay and Nanay. the names by which they would be known famously to everyone all over the cragged states. In the hustle of the eventful old ages that followed. Dinging Bautista still found clip to assist form in 1956 the Baguio Military Institute. located at Irisa Heights. eight kilometres from the metropolis down Naguilian Road. an sole boys’ school particularly meant ( although they didn’t precisely say so so ) for spoiled. wild scions of affluent households. BMI had Benito H. Lopez. a transportation and sugar baron from Iloilo. as president. and General Jesus Vargas. Commodore Francisco Andrada and General Basilio Valdes as board members. Dinging Bautista was secretary and dean of surveies. It was Lopez and Bautista who hatched the thought of an institute for high school-age male childs that instilled a military-style subject and decorousness. Bautista designed a course of study patterned after the military schools in the United States.

To the school were herded the immature and kittenish colts from old-rich households – the inheritor of the Chiongbians. Antoninos. Zamoras. and the sugar barons in Negros. a boy of Sen. Teodoro Evangelista. and two kids of the Pelaezes. For the privilege of come ining BMI. they paid P12. 000 to P15. 000 a twelvemonth ( a colossal amount in the 50s ) . The male childs sported 12 sets of uniforms. one for drill. one for parade. one for the schoolroom. another 1 for jaunts and so forth. No school so. in Baguio or elsewhere. could be more swanky and sole. It was everything Baguio Tech was non. but Nanding Bautista of class would ne’er hold meant for his school to function merely a few. His committedness has ever been instruction for the multitudes. particularly for the people in the Cordillera. BMI was an wholly different endeavor. It got on to a good start with books. research lab and athleticss equipment from Baguio Tech. Nanding Bautista besides recruited instructors from Baguio Tech to manage classs parttime. while he himself handled English for junior and senior categories.

He even enrolled his two boies. Rhey and Des. at that place. But for four old ages subsequently. in 1960. he resigned from BMI to give his full clip to Baguio Tech which was turning by springs and bounds. ( BMI finally closed in 1964 after some serious jobs with pupils and the instruction staff. ) Under the alert oculus of Nanding and Rosa Bautista. Baguio Tech had grown so. even beyond their outlooks. The enlargement of the Main Building sparked off the rise of other constructions around it. boldly determining a skyline that has become. like the steeples of the Baguio Cathedral. portion of the familiar sights in the bosom of the metropolis. The Main Building grew an extra six suites on its western side after its first twelvemonth ; on the 3rd twelvemonth it added another six suites on its eastern wing. followed by another big annex the following twelvemonth. In 1952 the Main Building was joined by the laboratory school for simple pupils that besides housed the auto-diesel section. Other edifices and installations sprouted through the old ages on the chief campus evidences bounded by General Luna on the West. Assumption Road on the E and Kalantiao which is parallel to Assumption. every bit good as on the other proximate belongingss along Bonifacio and AnacletoDiaz streets.

The 60s. peculiarly. saw a splurge of building: the eight-storey High School edifice that besides houses the U. B. Little Theater ; the multipurpose Auditorium-Gymnasium ; the high school edifice that was subsequently converted into abodes for U. B. administrative functionaries ; the seven-storey Humanistic disciplines and Sciences edifice ; the U. B. House which serves as place for the University President and other administrative functionaries ; the Student Center which houses the canteen. a pupil sofa and a direction conference room. The 70s saw the building of the Education edifice which houses the University Ladies Hall ; the seven-storey Commerce edifice whose approval coincided with the University’s Silver Anniversary ; the Outdoor Theater and hoops tribunal on a 1. 000-sq m inclining terrain in forepart of the High School edifice ; and the Student Services edifice. In 1980 the College of Engineering and Architecture edifice rose on the Gym extension adjacent to the Open Theater. Physical enlargement madly tried to maintain gait with academic advancement. an activity described in great item by Herminio Guanzon in his masteral thesis in 1980.

In 1958 the College of Engineering was opened in response to the enormous technological alterations. Three old ages subsequently. the Graduate School was established to guarantee the University of Baguio’s leading in the professional growing of instructors in Northern Luzon ( Mrs. Victoria de los Reyes was the first to have a masteral grade in 1965 ) . At the same clip it gave drift to the preparation of leaders in the Mountain Provinces and Northern Luzon and the saving of Cordillera cultural communities ( “cultural minorities” is a term loathed by Bautistas as unsound and a slur ) . The vision for the Cordillera is upheld by BIBAK. an organisation of pupils from Benguet. Ifugao. Bontoc. Apayao and Kalinga. In 1962. Reinaldo Bautista. so the executive frailty president. with the aid of Emmett Brown Asuncion. founded the Science High School. a beginning of pride for the college. Possibly the first such school in the state. it started as portion of the preparatory high school. in a selected awards category known as the Star Science Scholar Section. and is unfastened to exceed simple school alumnuss from Baguio and its suburbs. In reply to a countrywide demand for improved constabulary forces services. Baguio Tech opened in July of 1967 a four-year class in Criminology. one of merely two establishments in Northern Luzon offering such a class in the 1970ss.

In that same twelvemonth the class on Medical Technology was besides introduced. once more in reply to the demands of pupils desiring to measure up for work chances in this field in the United States and the Middle East. The turning course of study remained faithful to the original vision and mission of the school. which is to be relevant to the demands of the people. the community and society. This vision has been repeatedly articulated by Fernando Bautista in his many negotiations and in his Hagiographas. The relevancy of instruction to the country’s work force demands is foremost among his instruction rules. “Enrolment figures and unemployment ratios show an instability between school alumnuss and manpower demands in agribusiness. commercialism. and industry. ” said Dr. Bautista in his reference to the Philippine Association of University Women in Bauang. La Union. in 1972. “It is high clip we redirected. more that we have done earlier. the instruction of our people toward scientific discipline and engineering which have changed the face of the Earth. Science and engineering will bring forth wholesome alterations in the Philippines. particularly if we redouble our attempts at developing our young person decently in these Fieldss of survey. ”

He could non emphasize frequently plenty the important part of private proficient instruction to the country’s economic advancement. “The nation’s demand for vocational and proficient accomplishments does non look to be matched by the attempt in developing citizens along this field. ” he told delegates to the Conference on Private Education in Cebu in June of 1972. “The nation’s school system is and has been oriented toward the lower and higher degrees of the educational ladder. Our state over the old ages has produced a literate population and a big professional category. but non a strong in-between category of trained work force necessary to puting the Philippines at par with the technically advanced states of the universe. ” Dr. Bautista spoke these words at a clip when private schools were being beleaguered from all sides. Since the coming of the 1970ss. private instruction had been capable to one crisis after another ensuing from extremist pupil activism. adamant teachers’ demands and castrating departmental orders and legislative decrees. “Students and parents are clamouring for quality instruction but they are up against increasing tuition fees. Faculty members and non-teaching employees are demanding higher wage and more fringe benefits ; at the same clip the authorities is take a firm standing on higher criterions and first category installations.

Private instruction has been accused of neglecting to react to the national demands. of colonialism. of profit-making and of miseducating. ” He observed in cold and piercing tones in his keynote reference at a convention of the Philippine Association of Private Schools and Colleges. held in Quezon City in 1972. And so he roared: “These accusals may or may non be valid or justifiable. But should these be ground for us to shut our ears and eyes to these indictments? Should we follow an attitude of rebelliousness or indifference? Must we close our doors and. in consequence. abandon our strategic function in nation-building? Surely. the reply must be No! We must welcome these unfavorable judgments. They are. at least to me. a challenge to excellence! ” In a igniter temper he was besides heard to note. citing a co-worker. that “it’s better. more peaceable. and more profitable to set up a funeral parlour or a memorial park than to run a private school. ” But Dr. Bautista. despite ceaseless barrages against school decision makers coming from all sides. was non about to give up his educator’s curse for the Psalm for the dead.

As for serious charges that private schools were raking in immense net incomes and lending to human-centered undertakings allegedly to expiate for their “sin” of profiteering. Dr. Bautista took the floor of the Constitutional Convention in 1971 “to set the record straight” : “Contrary to popular belief. our private schools are far from being the money-making constitutions their critics depict them to be. In 1968-69. a study was made of the 40 alleged large private universities and colleges in the state to find their existent fiscal standing. Of those surveyed. 31 schools reported either straight-out losingss or rate of net income below 12 per centum of their net worth. The Bureau of Internal Revenue described their place as ‘precarious. ’ Merely nine schools reported rates of return which may be considered just. intending a return of 12 to 13 per centum of their net worth. If a similar study were to be held now. I am certainly the consequences will demo far worse conditions because of the enormous addition in the cost of school operations. ” Dr. Bautista says today:

“The fiscal state of affairs of private schools. I believe. is still really much the same today. At least it is so for our school. Through the old ages the money we earn is plowed back into the betterment of school installations. ” And he has stood four-square on the go oning importance of private establishments of larning to economic advancement and “intellectual and societal promotion of the state. ” and will thirstily travel to bat for needful educational reforms. liberty and academic freedom for all establishments of higher acquisition and non merely for universities established by the State. the lifting of oppressive and unjust revenue enhancement of private schools. material aid from the authorities. and for doing private schools “the last bastion of spiritual freedom. ”

Toward the terminal of the 1960ss. despite the crises and the troubles. the higher naming of Baguio Tech as a University was even so emerging – steadily. clearly. and necessarily. On its memorable twentieth Triple Eight jubilation on August 8. 1968 – marked by a street parade and conviviality. intramural games and a dinner dance. and a torch parade that cheerfully wound its manner in the rain – Baguio Tech was cited by so President Marcos as a feasible school “which has contributed to the defining of the Filipino young person and the nation’s hereafter. ” During the graduation ceremonials of the establishment a twelvemonth subsequently. so Education Secretary Onofre Corpuz affirmed that “Baguio Tech has the devisings of a university. ” Baguio Tech made good on these reflecting words when on August 7. 1969. after functioning the state for 21 old ages. it officially became a university. On December 18. 1969. Fernando G. Bautista. after four decennaries of earnest engagement in the instruction of the immature under eight Presidents of the Republic. was officially installed as the first president of the University of Baguio in an coronation ceremonial attended by ranking functionaries of the Department of Education. outstanding people of Baguio City. caputs or their representatives of some 20 educational establishments in the United States and Great Britain. and presidents of more than 60 colleges and universities in the Philippines.

In his inaugural reference at the U. B. Au-Gym. he proudly cited the progresss made by the school through the old ages and reiterated its committedness to “the undertaking of increasing and conveying the organic structure of cognition which adult male now possesses. ” In a affecting testimonial to the Igorots and Ibalois who have taken him to their Black Marias as one of them – boy. male parent and instructor to them – he commended the constitution of the first Igorot Museum with the cooperation of alumnas and pupils which has since stimulated more research work and Hagiographas on the Cordillera peoples. “To the terminal that the native civilization be allowed to boom unhindered among the Igorots. to the terminal that this civilization be farther enriched and given more drift for wholesome growing. and to the terminal that positive ways be sought to startle worthy groups with high ideals and great potencies. this university will exercise more than insouciant attempts. ” he vowed.

He declared one time more the institution’s doctrine that adult male is the greatest plus of adult male. but “only if his potency is to the full developed and harnessed for his public assistance and that of society. ” He added: “We have therefore endlessly directed our attempts and resources to unleashing that possible. ” He owed to “continue to recommend and uphold academic freedom so that professors and students…will be afforded a wholesome clime where there is a free and uninhibited exchange of thoughts in the hunt for truth. ” every bit good as to supply for pupils. “a balanced plan of academic. physical. societal. cultural. and moral chances that will lend toward the development of the whole adult male. ” Above all. he reminded everyone. “We should transfuse in the young persons a wholesome fright of God. and a consciousness that unless the Lord construct the house. they labour in vain that build it. I pray that we shall non waver in our service to our immature people. ” The new president ended with the supplication:

Let Your custodies guide mine in all the things I do. Let me see through Your Eyess all that I behold. Let me listen through Your Ears all that I should hear. Let me experience through Your Heart both joy and sorrow. Let me believe through Your Mind what I dare state On this my Coronation Day. Body of Christ. I surrender my helpless ego to Thee.

The coronation was a fitting acknowledgment to separate pedagogue every bit good as a touching testimonial to the hapless from Tondo who had carved out a
respectable niche fro himself in society and in academia. The award was further capped by an honorary grade. Doctor of Science in Education. conferred on him on April 3. 1971 by the Thomas Aquinas University of Legaspi City. He received the award together with Dr. Jose Motomal of Sto. Tomas University. “This is a providential. ” he said in his address. at one time awed and tickled. “Now I can proclaim as I am shouting now: My God. now I can afford to decease. because I have realized a dream I have been care foring all these many old ages. If on come ining the Gatess. St. Peter will make bold seek to halt me. I will state him this much: Hey. expression here. Peter. retrieve you are merely a saint. I am a physician and a physician of Science in Education at that. I’ll non even reference that it is honoris lawsuit. ” The ticket to heaven besides marked his leave from the halls of academia in order to run for the station of delegate in the 1971 Constitutional Convention. his first and last raid into political relations. He deferred to his eldest boy Fernando Jr. . who became the 2nd president of the University of Baguio. although the senior remained the president of the board of managers.

New plans were introduced with each new president. Under Fernando Bautista Jr. : the graduate student Doctor of Education. the Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition. and the Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Under Reinaldo C. Bautista. the 3rd president: the Doctor of Dentistry degree plan. and the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. In June 1989 Atty. Wilfredo Wi became the 4th president of the University of Baguio. a term that was unhappily marked by two calamities that hit the university in 1990: the inferno on June 10 that gutted the College of Education edifice and the Administration edifice. the Graduate School library. the deans’ offices. and several dental research lab equipment and supplies ; and the slayer temblor on July 16 that destroyed the Commerce edifice. the Auditorium-Gymnasium and Engineering edifice and well damaged the Humanistic disciplines and Sciences. High School and Elementary School edifices. Virgilio Bautista was installed as the 5th president on October 18. 1992. and shortly after announced the gap of new plans in Computer Education. Optometry. Physical Therapy and Environmental Engineering. But whoever it is at the helm of the University. the steering doctrine set Forth by Nanding and Rosa Bautista. in those first early yearss of the school when it was literally fighting out of the dark back street into the visible radiation. will ever stay the same.

That doctrine is the “pursuit of flawlessness. ” spelled out as the development of ( a student’s ) entire personality and his “competencies ( that are ) responsive to the demands of the state and the demands of the times. ” In his message on the University’s twentieth day of remembrance. Fernando Bautista defined this flawlessness as “a province every bit unapproachable as the stars. ” but even so it still is a desirable end. “The stars from their infinite highs. ” he pointed out. “are able to steer lost mariners. ” This doctrine has been criticized by some quarters inside and outside the University as excessively exalted. excessively idealistic. and perfectly unachievable. Possibly so. but Nanding and Rosa Bautista had ever believed that “either you do a thing absolutely right or you don’t make it at all. ” “If you don’t set you sights on the stars. you will knock your caput against the low room access. ” says Dr. Fernando G. Bautista. And it’s the truth. whether he’s speech production from the school’s dais or the barber’s chair. exceed

The University of Baguio “UB” is a private. multidisciplinary university located in the bosom of Baguio City. Philippines. The school was founded by Dr. Fernando Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa Castillo Bautista on August 8. 1948 as the Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute with 80 pupils. The pupil population as of twelvemonth 2000 is about 18. 000 pupils in its Tertiary. secondary. and primary degrees. From the initial five class offerings of Baguio Tech. the University of Baguio now an independent University. offers 21 undergraduate plans. 12 alumnus plans and 10 short-run plans where pupils can take from. a Preparatory High School. Science High School and a Grade School. It is proud top claim its outstanding position as an instruction innovator and leader in this state. It has grown to be an establishment of stopping point to 18. 000 pupils and more than 400 module members. It now counts 12 edifices. which house 11 colleges. two high schools. and one simple school.

The university acquires assorted modern installations and equipment such as a scientific discipline. proficient. and computing machine research labs. libraries. multi-purpose and map halls. an audio-visual centre. a 5. 000-seat secondary school. an Olympic-size swimming pool. a fittingness gym. a dental/medical research lab. x-ray research lab. a research centre. and a community outreach centre. After six decennaries of productive enterprises. UB gears itself to run into the complex challenges of the 3rd millenary. It will go on to prosecute flawlessness. to perpetuate its civilization of excellence. and to develop its pupils into built-in and balanced individuals who are imbued with Christian values. academic excellence. societal consciousness. and engagement. sense of duty and answerability. dynamic Filipinism. consciousness of their personal wellness and physical wellbeing and a deep concern for the environment. From the initial five class offerings of Baguio Tech. the University of Baguio now an independent University. offers 21 undergraduate plans. 12 alumnus plans and 10 short-run plans where pupils can take from. a Preparatory High School. Science High School and a Grade School.

It is proud top claim its outstanding position as an instruction innovator and leader in this state. It has grown to be an establishment of stopping point to 18. 000 pupils and more than 400 module members. It now counts 12 edifices. which house 11 colleges. two high schools. and one simple school. The university acquires assorted modern installations and equipment such as a scientific discipline. proficient. and computing machine research labs. libraries. multi-purpose and map halls. an audio-visual centre. a 5. 000-seat secondary school. an Olympic-size swimming pool. a fittingness gym. a dental/medical research lab. x-ray research lab. a research centre. and a community outreach centre. After six decennaries of productive enterprises. UB gears itself to run into the complex challenges of the 3rd millenary. It will go on to prosecute flawlessness. to perpetuate its civilization of excellence. and to develop its pupils into built-in and balanced individuals who are imbued with Christian values. academic excellence. societal consciousness. and engagement. sense of duty and answerability. dynamic Filipinism. consciousness of their personal wellness and physical wellbeing and a deep concern for the environment. School of Business Administration and Accountancy

* Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
* Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management. Financial Management.
Marketing Management. Human Resource Development Management
* Master in Business Administration
* Master in Business Education
* Doctor of Business Administration
* Ladderized Courses:
Certificate in Accounting Technology
Associate in Accounting Technology
School of Dentistry
* Pre-Dentistry
* Doctor of Dental Medicine

School of Engineering and Architecture
* Bachelor of Science in Architecture
* Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
* Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
* Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering
* Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
Major in Mechatronics
School of Human Sciences
* Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting
* Bachelor of Arts in English
* Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
* Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
* Bachelor of Science in Psychology
* Pre-Professional General Education ( Various Courses )
* Master of Arts in English
* Master in Public Administration
* Particular Plans

UB English Language Academy Network ( ELAN )
English as a Foreign Language ( EFL ) Training
School of Information Technology
* Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
* Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
* Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
* Associate in Computer Technology. with specialisation in: Multimedia and Web Design
Computer and Network Servicing
* Short Courses
Cisco Certified Entry Level
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Linux System Administration
Computer Trouble-shooting for Non-Technicians
Desktop Publishing utilizing Adobe Application
Web Design and Development

School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management
* Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. with Specialization in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Culinary Arts * Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
* Associate of Arts in Hotel and Restaurant Management
* Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management
School of Law
* Bachelor of Laws and Letters
School of Law Enforcement Administration
* Bachelor of Science in Criminology
* Master of Science in Criminology
Major in Law Enforcement Administration
* Master of Science in Criminal Justice Education
with Specialization in Criminology
School of Natural Sciences
* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
* Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
* Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

School of Nursing
* Bachelor of Science in Nursing
* Particular Plans
Diploma in Midwifery
Certificate in Health Care Services
School of Teacher Education
* Bachelor of Elementary Education
Major in General Education. Particular Education
* Bachelor of Secondary Education

Major in Biological Science ; Filipino ; English ;
Mathematicss ; Social Studies ; Music. Humanistic disciplines. and Physical Education * Master of Arts in Education
Major in Educational Management ; Physical Education ;
Filipino ; Pre-Elementary Education
* Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching
* Doctor of Philosophy
Major in Development Education
* Doctor of Education
Major in Educational Management


There’s a batch of ground why I choose University of Baguio as my third school. UB makes their pupils good trained and developed particularly on IHTM section. It is one time once more on the sentinel for outstanding pupils who have excelled in their plan of survey. exemplified effectual leading qualities. and gained singular accomplishments in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities within and outside the UB academic community. The cool clime of Baguio City has ne’er failed to lure pupils for the alone university life it promises. At the bow of this is one of Baguio’s Prime Minister establishments of higher acquisition – the University of Baguio. It welcomes pupils from all walks of life. race. and belief. Through its more than six decennaries of being. UB has nurtured coevalss of pupils from Baguio City. the greater Cordillera part. the remainder of the state. and at least 19 foreign states.


Prosecuting a successful calling after college is a dream that every pupil has. In my life I made a batch of picks along the manner – a little picks every bit simple as what to have on on a Saturday dark catch to more complex 1s like what I want to make after college. Each twenty-four hours I faced these fiddling options that test my degree of adulthood in every pick I make. Finally I choose IHTM ( International Hotel and touristry Management ) as my class for it is my dream. I ever conceive ofing myself harvesting fruits of my travels around the Philippines or even the universe. Taste my success as I conquer my passion. IHTM equip me with necessary know – how to go a topnotch employee anyplace in the universe. It mold me into a globally competitory industry practician with relevant accomplishments. cognition and expertness in service operation and direction in the different sector of Hotel and Tourism Industry


College can play a large portion in my passage from being a adolescent to going a immature grownup of class. Completing my college instruction is really of import. but it’s overall experience that makes the difference Because in the terminal. my college instruction won’t merely assist my win. it will fix me as I enter the existent universe. College is a really exciting clip in my life. This is the clip I enjoy. learned a batch of things academically and in experiences. I mingle with other people/students from different races and go more full-blown on it. University of Baguio serves as a foundation for me to go what I am right now. It assist me to go good trained and globally competitory IHTM pupil


IHTM was non my first pick of class. I truly would wish to prosecute a calling related to advertisement. picture taking and the likes. However. destiny decided to step in and all of a sudden I realized that I am taking up IHTM. It was non gratifying at first due to topics like housekeeping and Food and drink services which candidly. I look down on this sort of occupations before. But as I continue to analyze the class. I fell in love with it. particularly the nutrient readying side. It is because of this class that I discovered my love for cookery and it rapidly turned into a passion. I besides fell in love with all the things related to the nutrient and cordial reception industry. I gave great regard to all those people who are working in this industry and I am besides proud to be one of it now.



* The Manor at Camp John Hay
Camp John Hay in Baguio City when referred to pertains to at least two packages of land. One which is really the CJH military reserve that encompasses the farthest extent that the base has reached in its variably increasing range. The full reserve steps approximate 695hectares.

The other is the built-up country inside where the remainder and diversion resort installation is located. This part. mensurating 246. 9967 hectares. is covered by the John Hay Special Economic Zone and makes up the country leased to CJH Corporation Development.

Of these 246. 9 hectares. a sum of 48. 43 hectares ( about 20 % of the leased country ) is occupied by the golf class. Merely about 22 hectares ( about 9 % ) have been designated as countries where development is allowed.

The staying countries shall be maintained as managed woods. doing the cantonment an ideal ecotourism finish for both local and foreign travellers.

The development of Camp John Hay is geared towards conveying more and better installations that will let for greater interaction between nature and adult male. This will supply for a better grasp of nature and aid in the go oning attempt to educate our people on environmental protection and

Given an country to develop amidst the pine wood. the maestro development program ( MDP ) was designed to maximise bing unfastened infinites for perpendicular constructions. Camp John Hay will be developed into an alternate wood finish. Partss of the program are the upgrading of the golf class. building of a convention hotel. condotel. state places. log places. town centre. strip promenade. athleticss and diversion. and an ecotourism complex complete with bivouacing evidences. picnic countries and eco-trails.

City Lights Hotel
Citylight Hotel is a contemplation of Baguio’s metropolitan and environmental glory. a fresh. modern hotel that features a clean. minimalist. geometric architectural design with a smart Zen inside perfect for puting the temper to ultimate relaxation. Located at the bosom of the metropolis. merely a few stairss from the Baguio Cathedral and session Road. Citylight Hotel offers one 100 suites supplying comfort to going invitees. Citylight Hotel self-praises of 2 elegant dance halls. 2 corporate maps halls. and several concern suites. Guest will be pleased with free wi-fi entree while basking the juicy bars at the java store. The Hotel besides offers savory pasta and western daintinesss in its eating house. And the saloon is the perfect topographic point to crest your busy twenty-four hours with its hip music. So book your Baguio trip at Citylight Hotel today! MY ASSIGNED TASKS. RESPONSIBILITIES. EXPERTISE AND DUTIES

What did I portion?


You don’t truly necessitate the accomplishments before you decided to take up this class. What you need is the proper attitude. You can hone your accomplishments while analyzing this class but you must be prepared mentally and physically to make it. Taking up IHTMmay non give you fancy sounding occupation places but it will surely can give you a occupation that you can be proud of.

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