Defensive Driving

1 January 2017

Defensive driving courses should not actually be taken lightly by drivers. It is a life saving training that should be taken seriously. Many have lost their lives on the roads due to fatal road accidents and these numbers are likely to rise if defensive driving training is not taken seriously. Most road carnages are actually situations that could be prevented if good techniques are applied to tackle them. Defensive driving simply means driving to save a life or lives. It can also mean driving to save either time or money. It is very bad that some driving schools don’t include defensive driving training in their curriculum.

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In my opinion it should be made mandatory for every driving school to offer it. That way every person going through a driving course will actually come out fully equipped with not only usual driving skills, but also with some serious life saving skills that’s important in our day to day lives as far as road usage is concerned. Driving schools today offer very many driving courses. Most of these courses are unnecessary for some drivers and taking them is a waste of time and money. For example, why would somebody take a heavy commercial driving course while he or she joined the school to know how to drive a personal car to work?

It is even sadder that other people ignore going for defensive driving courses and choose such irrelevant courses that does not fit them at that particular time. Instead of wasting money, time and energy on attending such extra courses, why not finish your intended course and use the extra time and money for defensive driving training? There are many advantages of taking a defensive driving course that it actually sounds irritating to learn that a number of drivers have the guts to forego it. Here are some well known advantages of taking a defensive driving course.

Drivers are able to learn different ways of driving in bad or extreme weather like winter and rain. Driving in these conditions is not easy especially if your car is not designed with a capability to handle such situations. Learning to drive in bad weather does not only save lives but also money, as you will be able to avoid situations that might make your car have regular break downs. It makes drivers responsible therefore creating a society of responsible road users. When people become responsible bad things don’t happen. Nobody will actually get worried of his or her safety while on the road.

Defensive driving training teaches techniques that offer protection that saves a lot when involved in a neck to neck situation that might require you to handle road rage and speeding. If you think you can handle such situations without ever taking defensive driving classes then you must have watched too many movies. What you see on movies are fictions, but you must also understand that some of them depict real life situations. So don’t think such situations are as easy as what you see on TV or as easy as 123. In real life there is no gambling, you have to take the course to help yourself in such situations if caught up in any.

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