Defining Adulthood and Maturity

12 December 2017

Gall does this mean a person has established the qualities needed to enter adulthood? To define adulthood one must not solely base it on age but of the emotional maturity of a person. To do so one must get to the root of the word adulthood, adult. To be an adult one must show responsibility, maturity, and some sort of independence. Having responsibilities can start and usually do start before reaching adulthood. The way In which they progress Is how having them helps a person enter adulthood.

Cleaning the living room, washing dishes, and washing clothes are a few of the many horses associated with childhood but continuously doing them prepares a person for when they are on their own. Skills assessed in doing chores gear a child up for the “real” world. Some people get Jobs at the early age of sixteen while others wait till after college. Doing different odd jobs at home gives a person a sense of consistency so that when they get a real Job they will already have time commitment and the knowledge of knowing that when given a task to do It to the best of their abilities.Maturity is also brought on throughout development. Maturity is not an actual stage a person reaches in their life but an ongoing development of one’s self growth towards improvement. Using maturity and responsibility go hand in hand.

Defining Adulthood and Maturity Essay Example

The point at which a person stops complaining about chores and does them because it is Just required everyday life shows maturity. The saying when one enters adulthood a child must put childish things aside applies to this. Maturity applies to everyday life and all aspects that It entails.From home to work to school to being out socially, these are mom examples of places maturity can be exemplified. One must be able to manage personal feelings from managing temper and anger to being able to distinguish needs and wants. So a person may not have all of these and other attributes by a certain age but they are attained throughout growth and progress towards becoming a better Individual. Adulthood requires maturity In Its smallest form at the least by understanding the ability to listen to and evaluate the viewpoints of others.

To be independent one can say is the highest form of adulthood. A person must need responsibility and maturity for independence to be sustained. With independence comes bills, chores, and time management. A person needs to be responsible with paying their bills on time, responsible with getting to work on time, and if in college responsible for getting school work done and sometimes Juggling both school and work. If a person Is not mature about these things and takes them independence can fall from under them.This ties back to maturity and needing the knowledge of a person’s needs and wants. Adulthood along the lines of the independent aspect is being able to sufficiently provide the necessities for survival without the help of anyone else.

Although being an adult is defined in almost all countries by a specific age that does not mean a person has entered adulthood. In the United States a child becomes an adult when they turn eighteen but in legal cases a child can be tried as an adult as early as the age of twelve if certain criteria are met.So does that mean that although the government has established an exact GE at which a child becomes an adult they can deem adulthood qualities prior to that? A child can have children after puberty has come so in some ways the child must enter adulthood sooner than thought and yet they have not reached the age of eighteen. They must learn to provide and take care of that child. Many young adults who have children show a great lack of entering adulthood because often they struggle to take care of that child many times needing the help of their parents or in some cases having to give up that child.Also many adults live with their parents so even though they have reached adulthood through the eyes of the government have they truly reached adulthood in the sense of maturity, independence, and responsibility? So a person can establish that people never really grow out of childhood. But Just like adulthood, childhood is a mental development so in some sense this is true.

Adults still retain some childish manners; if not then that person would define the exact moment of entering adulthood rather than adulthood being a growth of development.So to truly understand the definition of adulthood a person must take a step back and look at the aspects of independence, maturity, and responsibility in conjunction towards adulthood. Adulthood also depends on the location and culture of the region that person resides in. Adulthood like most words will adhere to the definition that fits in with the timeshare that it is used in. Adulthood will always be a growth never ending in a person’s lifetime, but the qualities that make a person an adult can always change depending on the society it is used in.

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