Defining and Measuring Crime

6 June 2017

Defining and Measuring Crime The Uniform Crime Report (ucr) is an annually (yearly) report compiled by the FBI to give an indication of criminal activity. They organize offenses known to the police. The I-JCR divides the criminal offenses into categories: part 1 offense and part II offense. Part 1 offenses are crimes that are recorded by the FBI to give a general idea of the crime picture. Part 1 offenses crimes can be covered by the media and consequently nspire the most fear if crime in population. The majority crimes that fall into the part 1 offenses are property crimes.

There are several types of part 1 offenses: criminal homicide- murder and non-negligent, manslaughter (the willful killing of a human being), manslaughter by negligence (the killing of a human being), forcible rape (female forcibly and against her will), robbery (taking/attempted to take anything of value), aggravated assault (unlawful attack by one person on another), burglary breaking and entering), larceny/ theft (unlawful taking away of property from the possession of another), motor vehicle theft (theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle) and arson (malicious burning or attempted burning).

Part 2 offenses are all crimes recorded by the FBI that do not fall into the category of part 1 offenses. The most common offenses are drug abuse violations, driving under the influence and assault that don’t result in harm. Part 2 are measured by arrest data. Mala in se and ala prohibtia often express the social function of criminal law. Mala in se are inherently wrong, regardless of whether they are prohibited by law.

The crimes go against natural, moral and public principles of a society. Some examples are murder, rape and theft. Mala prohibita are acts that are considered crimes because they have been codified as human made laws. Crime is only considered wrong if it has been prohibited. Having two spouses at once is considered a mala prohibita crime.

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