Defining Behavior

12 December 2017

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate understanding and application of basic concepts of behavior analysis. Specifically you are required to develop objective, behavioral definitions of social skills behavior avoiding subjective, mentalist terms, and hypothetical constructs. General Information In a short answer format, you should choose any 3 of the 10 social skill behaviors for which you will provide several points of knowledge, as well as produce a well written behavioral objective.The ten social skill behaviors are: Greeting, Playing, Following Directions, Engaging in Eye Contact, Initiating a Conversation, Participating in a Conversation, Asking Questions, Sharing, Cooperating with Others, and Requesting. An example of the expected product for a term is provided below. Example of expected product: Identified behavior: Playing with a pet.

Operational / definition: Playing with a pet Includes softly patting (softly Is defined as without force) the dog’s back, head or stomach.All assignments must be submitted through this link– assignments may not be submitted via email.

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Grading Procedures The Defining Behavior assignment is worth 15 points total. Choose any 3 of the terms, with each term worth 5 points. Each social skills behavior will be graded according the criteria listed in the Scoring Grid below. Note: You must Indicate the graded. Scoring Grid – Defining Behavior Assignment Please note: Do NOT include the Scoring Grid with your document.

Choose any 3 of the following:Expected Content Points Earned Possible Points Greeting behavior How would you operationally define the behavior? How would you measure this behavior? Cite from your textbook. Produce a behavioral objective including conditions/context, criteria, target behavior and learner. 5 Playing behavior objective including conditions/context, criteria, target behavior, and learner.

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