Defining the Humanities

12 December 2017

Many of these musical terms and concepts that were developed in this era are still being used today (Firer, 2011). The baroque periods was recognized for their order and elaborate culture and polished nature. All of these characteristics are very apparent from listening to the works of Antonio Vivaldi , Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel.

(Firer, 2011) Comparison of other Art Forms When the music that was heard at the orchestra performance was compared to there music from that same era along with other architecture or paintings it was noticed that all bore similar attributes.These attributes include but are not limited to being flamboyant, and elaborately ornamental with extensive ornamentation and detail (Firer, 2011). The music from the baroque era was centered around the needs of churches, which at that time relied on the theatrical attributes of art to make Ownership more appealing and attractive. The art, sculpture and painting from the arouse era also showed the artists’ passion for intricacy and beauty.Such painting and other art forms such as sculptures include works created by Rembrandt, Velazquez, and Poisson (Firer, 2011). Architecture includes elaborate buildings and churches and one of the most elaborate of this era is Versailles Palace in France. Conclusion Europe underwent several periods dating back from the medieval era to the present.

The medieval era ended and ushered in the Renaissance era.

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