Definitely Maybe

9 September 2019

Instead of spending that twelve bucks on a CD of worn out “alternative” songs, why not make an investment in the future of alternative music? These days, the alternative market is slowly integrating pop into even the hardest rock. This pop crossbreeding is unavoidable, so why not listen to the British quintet Oasis, a band that knows how to blend the two correctly. Combining playful pop and good old rock and roll, this band packs power into their energized debut. This album has already given us the raw yet friendly single “Supersonic,” now playing on area rock stations. If it is not, request it immediately. Hey, it beats listening to that Nirvana unplugged song again. One of the best things about “Definitely Maybe” is that there are no filler songs to skip over. Listen to the whole album, and you will soon find out that Oasis has not booked a ticket to One-Hit-Wonderland. “Definitely Maybe” has been a bestseller in England since its initial release in late summer. The competition in England is fierce, and Oasis has fended off established musical giants from America and Europe. They have been compared to The Beatles many times and even look like the Fab Four. Oasis has sent five singles to the British top ten, which goes to show that the album is so hot and so jam-packed with hits that b-sides are now challenging for number one. So, is Oasis a wise way to invest your allowance? Definitely. Are they 1995’s contribution to rock immortality? Maybe

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