Definition and Application of Intentional

7 July 2018

Academic plagiarism occurs when a writer repeatedly uses more than four rods from a printed source without the use of quotation marks and a precise reference to the original source in a work presented as the author’s own research and scholarship. Contain souse paraphrasing without serious interaction with another person’s views, by way or argument or the addition of new material land insights, is a form of plagiarism in academic work. ” Quotes of 40 or more words should be blocked (Mallow, T.

989) (Mallow, 1989, p. ? Or Para. ?) As I mentioned in previous feedback, all quotes must include a page number or paragraph number if the page number is not listed. Failure to list the page number or paragraph is considered a form of plagiarism. In short, plagiarism does not only mean using someone else’s words or work and claiming them as your own. It is also plagiarism when credit is given to the originator of the material but in an incorrect or incomplete manner.

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There are many different “types of plagiarism; straight plagiarism, plagiarism citing the original author but without adequate quotation marks or references, simple plagiarism using a footnote, Complex legalism using a footnote, plagiarism with hanging quotations, paraphrasing as plagiarism” (Mallow, T.

1989) Statistics on the plagiarism are quite frightening; “66% of 1 6,000 students from 31 prestigious U. S. Universities have cheated at least once, says 1 991 Rutgers university study. 12% of those reported themselves as regular cheaters. This means nearly seven out of ten students cheat, and at least one of those cheats all the time!! (paradigms, LLC, 2008) If an author is not listed, list the title (Plagiarism Statistics, 2008, Para. If there is not a title, use the organization (paradigms, 2008, Para. ?) “36% of undergraduates have admitted to popularizing written material, says 1997 Psychological Record study’.

(Connelly Chronicle, 1998, missing paragraph or page number) “4 out of 5 high achievers surveyed in 1998 admitted to cheating on school work according to publishers of Who’s Who Among American High School Students. More than half of those students said such cheating was “no big deal,” and practically none got caught.Cheating on campus increased an estimated 744% from 993 to 1 997, says University of California-Berkeley officials”. (Sandstorm, F. 2000 missing paragraph or page number) Plagiarism is a major offense in the academic community and community at large. There are many websites that have a plagiarism checking service that will search a submitted paper and compare the text to websites and documents within the plagiarism checkers database. At the University of Phoenix, the plagiarism checker is made available to all students attending the University.

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