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2 February 2017

This Chapter contains the Introduction, Background of the Study, and Statement of the Problem, Significance of the Study and the Scope and Limitation. Filipinos love eating different types of food, the reason why they can easily find restaurants around the country. But starting up a restaurant is not as easy.

A functional knowledge of the background of food service is a must for one who is contemplating on joining the industry.There is a need to be thoroughly familiar with the development of the food service industry in order to appreciate its roles, functions, and important contribution to the nation’s economy. Food service organizations vary in the system from the highly competitive and expensive restaurant to the less costly fast-food outlets in school, offices, and hospitals. Filipinos are adopting what other countries brought to us, they can easily learn the trends along the way. First, Chinese traders introduced to the country the commercial type of food service which was further encouraged by the Spaniards.However, the American occupation saw the start of the cafeterias in school and hospitals. Today the food service industry has flourished into a big business.

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The food service industry is broad in scope and varies in system individual establishments also differ in size, location, physical structure and policies. We also have to learn on how they run their restaurant business in spite of the competition that they are facing. Background of the Study The food industry in the Philippines includes food establishments that range from simple fast-food in malls and supermarkets to formal and expensive restaurants and hotels.Food service establishments are classified into commercial food service outlets and service oriented operations. Restaurant is a commercial establishment where meals can be brought and eaten. They also do renovations to enhance everything, to attract people to eat and dine in their restaurant, to measure how competitive they are in the field of food industry. Here is the restaurant which is the focus of our research.

. Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines.Tokyo Tokyo is known for serving Japanese dishes with free rice refill, a promotion called eat all you kanin (or eat all the rice you can) which has been going since it started in 1985. Fortunately, Tokyo Tokyo currently operates 56 stores in the Philippines with much of the chain expansion being attributed to franchising at first. Generally, Tokyo Tokyo restaurants are located within major shopping centers and malls in the country, malls which are owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings, Robinsons and the Ayala Corporation.According to the “Tokyo Tokyo” Jobstreet. com, restaurant opened on April 22, 1985 at Quad Car Park in Makati City.

They first served Japanese dishes such as Tempura, Tonkatzu, Yakisoba, Sushi and Sashimi. At the time they opened their first Japanese restaurant in 1985, other Japanese restaurants were more traditional, and the “mainstreaming” of the market has contributed to restaurant chain growth. (2009-06-03) At first, Tokyo Tokyo’s menu currently offers three types of sushi, spicy kani roll and spicy tuna roll and California maki.The best seller variant of beef teriyaki, beef misono, pork tonkatsu, squid ika fry and prawn tempura are dishes with vegetables. The best chicken teriyaki and tuna misono are the house specials of Tokyo Tokyo. They come with the same package of their best seller variants. In addition with that, they also offers Japanese style potato balls, miso soup and kani crab corn soup as side dishes.

(Tokyo Tokyo TURNS 20. Newsflash. com) 2009-06-03 Statement of the Problem 1. To determine the profile of the customers of Tokyo Tokyo restaurant in terms of: a) Age b) Gender c) Civil Status ) Occupation 2. To determine the significant difference on the level of customer’s satisfaction in terms of: a) Facilities b) Security and Safety c) Service d) Food Quality 3) Is there a significant difference on the level of customer’s satisfaction in the area of facilities, security and safety, service and food quality against age, gender, civil status and occupation? Significance of the Study This study provides information to the customers the service that a restaurant can offer. This would likely help the students for their added information as a future manager and marketers.Since all of us tried the experience on eating in a restaurant.

The researchers will also discuss in this study the level of competitiveness of a restaurant which is very important information for the public. Scope and Limitation This area of study focused on Tokyo Tokyo, a Japanese Restaurant that is currently operating in Robinson Metro East, Pasig City. This comparative study focused about the level of competitiveness of the restaurant towards the customer’s demand before and after it was renovated to measure the improvement after the renovation if did make a difference.This study is important to the owner and employer in which it will give them information that will be a big help in their operation. For the employees, this study will be their guide to be more customers oriented, to understand what customers really need. Towards the customer or guest, they will be informed about what is happening in a establishment. And last, for the future researchers this will stand as a guide on how they were going to handle this king of study.

Frame workThe development of observation towards Restaurant business within Robinson Metro East, considering the market identity and the factor that the respondent’s considered in eating in a restaurant, the market identity and factors considered are link to business profitability which builds company reputation retain customers and profit. Restaurant competitiveness RestaurantFast Food Chain Age Gender Civil Status Occupation FacilitiesFacilities Security & SafetySecurity & Safety AmbienceAmbience Food QualityFood Quality.

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