Definition Paper on Faith

Next, I asked a classmate who is Catholic and has grown up In a deferent racial culture than myself. She said faith means beveling In something that Is unseen. Despite the fact that she has never seen something, she still has faith In It. Without knowing her life story, I can tell from her deflation that she has had to rely on her faith several times. Then I went on to ask my mother, a youth minister and devout Christian, what the word faith means to her.

She responded by saying faith is a lifestyle that you must walk every day; you just believe and have a hope of things to come even when there is no evidence of it coming.My mother is a woman who has had to endure many trials and tribulations, so her faith has become a lifestyle for her. She has always had to believe that God will fix it, without actually seeing his face. Togged a male’s perspective on the definition of faith I asked my uncle, whose life has had lots of ups and downs. He defined faith as a strong belief, a spiritual connection and confidence. He associates faith with his connection to God, which gives him confidence about himself. Finally I asked my mother’s assistant at work, who Is much older and a Jehovah Witness.

She defined faith as a belief based on knowledge. After asking several people about what faith means to them, I sat down and I thought about what it means to me. The definition of faith that I live by is total and complete trust in God. It’s knowing that God will get you through anything without any questions asked. Faith is a connection with God that believers long for. I have relied on my faith my whole life even as a naive child. I might not have known the exact meaning of faith, but I still knew how to Ely on it.

For example, when I was in elementary school and my great grandmother became seriously ill I had to have faith that she would be alright. To this day I am still relying on my faith. But, just like everyone else I still question my faith when things in my life arena so great. Even Mother Theresa questioned her faith. She did not know If her good works were worth doing because she wasn’t reaping the rewards of her good faith. But faith Is also patience and understanding. A person must know In his/her heart that everything will be alright.

Eventually everyone will be rewarded or their faith.Faith is believing in what can’t be seen, like what my family and friends someone they know. Even though each person’s definition might be written in a different text it still means the same as the overall meaning. My faith may not be as important as the person sitting next to me but in reality we still will have the same meaning of faith. To sum up the definitions of my family and friends I have come up with a universal definition that everyone can relate to. Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.

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