Del Amitri – Twisted

10 October 2019

Many people consider the new Del Amitri album “Twisted” as nothing more than a flaky home for the smash “Roll To Me.” But the CD is actually one of the most lyrically sincere albums put out so far this year. Each song approaches a formidable topic with zeal; even the love songs and breakup songs are written in a way that makes the song as original as the first love song ever composed. Many of the songs, like “Driving With The Brakes On,” use clever metaphors and a unique narrative appeal to carry the song through, and finish off the album on a grand scale. One does not have to wait for the last song to get inspired; the very first track, “Food For Songs,” is all about inspiration and one unhappy person’s desire not to inspire C his wish not to ” … cry and give some guy food for songs.” After that goosebump-inducing opening track, the listener may find himself surprised that the best is yet to come. The laid-back, summertime feel of “Here and Now” gives “Twisted” a nostalgic value, again using metaphors and setting them to a musical blend of keyboards and psychedelic guitars. My favorite, however, is a heart- felt little ballad called “Tell Her This,” a song about a man who has hurt a woman’s feelings and is now feeling sorrow for what he has done. The passion of frontman Justin Currie’s voice is highlighted on this track, with only a few mellow guitars complementing the Scotsman’s vocals. Del Amitri may not be as “Twisted” as their album suggests, but their unique style and extra stress on songwriting is obvious on this talented band’s latest release

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