9 September 2019

Corrosion of Conformity is a loud band. On their new album, “Deliverance,” they deliver more of their distinctive brand of fiery hard rock, a sound that approaches industrial noise and then retreat to a more mellow, blues-like sound.

The band is not above including a tender moment of soothing guitar picking in songs like “Without Wings” before the next blistering assault of ear-piercing songs.

“Broken Man,” the album’s first single, is the place where metal and hard-core punk meet and mangle each other in a twisting fury of drum beats and roaring guitars. Crash-and-burn guitar solos grace a criminally fierce groove on “Clean My Wounds” and “Albatross.”

By successfully combining heavy metal, punk, and hard-core, I believe that Corrosion of Conformity will leave their mark on the music industry. If you like loud, deafening guitars, mixed with a fast drum beat, then I strongly suggest that you buy this album.

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