Democracy or Dictatorship

Democracy or dictatorship? [pic] We all have been saying in the past and even now that even the worst democracy is better than dictatorship but the question we need to ask ourselves is that even after all the efforts made by the lawyers movement and fresh elections in pakistan have we achieved a REAL democracy? At this present time we got two mainstream parties PPP and PML(a-z) both been controlled in undemocratic ways where one person lead it and no matter what happens he/she is gonna be leader and it would be passed on to there kids/families.

These two parties have rules 5 times in between them twice the pmlN and twice ppp with zardari leading the ppp at this point of time but the question we need to ask is where has this democracy took us? where are we standing? Let me start from the time when everything was going fine and on March 9, 2007 Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was suspended by musharraf and the lawyers movement started, keep in mind that before that we didnt see any of these parties doing any kind of struggle against the dictator and than we saw ppp, pmlN, TI, anp and all the small parties getting in the lawyers movement.

All i see is two major parties ppp who got the federal government and pmlN who got the punjab government sitting and enjoying the ministries but none of them seems worried about a common man. I would like to take you back to dictator/musharraf’s time in which we did had many problems and with all his mistakes we did see pakistan prospering where our stock exchange went to around 16000 points our reserves went to $16 billions we had increase in budget in every sector take education,health,infrastructure,defence etc etc. nd than comes our beloved SO CALLED democratic government and started helping us pakistani’s by taking out the subsidies they said that the government is in bad condition cause the previous government was giving subsidies, the question is who was benefitting from all the subsidies which were given on patrol, daal, chawal,gas, electricity (all the basic necessities) etc etc.

It was the common man it was helping and even when the patrol went over $140 a barrel the subsidies was only helping the common man of pakistan and now when the oil is below $40 mark we are still paying alot more and the lower prices which should have passed onto the common man have not been passed. As far as electricity and gas is concerned this government should have cracked down on corrupt people working in these departments but what do they do increase the prices to nearly 40% without even thinking about the common man of pakistan.

I said it before somewhere that why have they finished all the subsidies and started that benazir income support scheme where only few families would benefit and we dont even know if the money is gonna go to the people who actually deserve it. If we look at the education budget it went high under a dictator and went down after a democratically elected government we had new univerties setup in pakistan and we were actually giving grants to poor students which have been stopped now.

If we look at infrastructure we had many roads,bridges built in a dictator government than in 90’s. Our defence sector got alot stronger under a dictator’s rule in which to name a few we actually done deals like jf-17 for airforce and deal of 4 frigates with china. Pakistan growth rate was above 6% for all those years of a dictator and after such a longtime of 6%+ growth we have a negetive growth which i suppose can be a big achievement for a democratic elected government.

Some people can argue that the mess we are in is cause of the previous government and yes i can agree to that but we have had elections in the begining of last year and we had enough time to change our policy but have we done that? Pakistani people voted for a change but did this government gave us any change? why havent the pmlN bringing any bills against the government in the parliament? why is it that the pmlN members are opposing the government on talk shows and in public but not doing anything about it in the parliament.

As far as i am concerned i dont care about the constitution/democracy/chief justice if i havent got electricity in my home the food in my belly if my parents/kids/family is suffering to me all these politcians can go and burn in hell cause none of these things are helping me and all i can see is that these are the only things these politicians are bothered about and to people who say even the worst kind of democracy is better than a dictatorship you got your wishes cause the worst democracy is here and its gonna get a hell of a lot worst if this government stayed for full 5 years which i personally dont see.

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