Demonstrative Speech on Giving Cpr

12 December 2017


Graham Effective Speaking Critique Discussions a) A demographic analysis of this audience would Include age, gender, education, group memberships, as well as cultural and ethnic backgrounds (German, Greenberg, Enlarge, & Monroe, 2002) This audience was a large group of Stanford university students on there graduation day. The students consisted of primarily younger adults to middle-aged males and females. Their education level had Just reached college graduate on this very day.There group memberships varied from athletes, sorority members, to Just students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. B) This speech did follow a basic speech outline. It had an Introduction were he explained that he would be telling us three stories of his life( Jobs, 2005). He used transitions and the body told the three stories.

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He also had a conclusion wrapping up the speech. C) In this speech he used many communication techniques. He used personal references when he told the three stories from is own life. He was humorous when he said, “windows copies the MAC”.He stated his arsenal intention that he loved what he did in life and challenged them to do what they love. He also challenged them to keep looking until they did find what they loved Cobs, 2005). D) He was trying to send the listeners a message to do what they loved and to live everyday as if it was your last Bobs, 2005).

He used the skyhook principle which Is a way to convince your audience you have their best interests in mind (German, Greenberg, Engineer, & Monroe, 2002). He did this buy taking into account there moral frame by making ethical choices (German, Greenberg, Engineer, & Monroe, 2002).

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