Deodorant market

The Positioning Statement For todays youth who are bustling with a Go-Getter attitude, who want to be active and fresh during the long and tiring hours of the day and night, across seasons, Y- X is a deodorant that provides instant freshness with Just a spray that stays with you 24×7. Its not only targeted at youth by age, but for those who are 18-25 by heart. It is one stop solution to fragrance related blues.

Unlike the main competitors, we don’t promise that angels will fall but the brand name mf-X” has lot to offer above its ompetitors in terms of offering variants for both the genders, attractive recyclable packaging least harmful to the environment. Also its rich and refreshing fragrances tells customers: “No over smelling, No itching”. The USP of the brand lies in its product value having flat perfume material, no harmful chemicals and no gas, thus providing a combination of extraordinary long lasting freshness and skin care, low prices, and comprehensive solution for todays fast paced youth.

Last but not the least, the product is available in different variants for both men and women in three ifferent price bands vis-a-vis 100/- , 120/- , 150/- respectively for three different sizes which is a first in this FMCG segment. Overall marketing strategy 4 PS related to the product. PLACE – The process of efficiently and effectively making and getting products and services to end-users requires a marketing logistics network.

Essentially, the physical distribution of the proposed product should propagate through a series of intermediaries as tast moving consumer goods are purchased by consumers frequently. Strong marketing and in-store communication along with online and ffline availability is important. Online presence is much required as our targeted segment has a much presence online. PRODUCT – Variety- Different products for male and female Quality- Have no side effects and strong fragrance. Design – Minimize leakage and will provide with a counter to register the number of sprays.

Packaging – Distinctive metallic can with custom designed typography. PROMOTION – 360 degree branding effort, interactive marketing, online initiatives and use of television marketing. PRICE – Pricing Lies in the range of 120-160 as we are targeting the consumer of the ge group 18-25 they have a fixed pocket money to spend and so cannot afford too much. Also a market penetration aims to set a comparatively low price for a new product in order to attract a large number of buyers and enhance a current market share.

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