Depression and its causes

7 July 2016

The area of mental health is a very unique field. It is so unique because it leaves room for questioning at every turn, for example when a diagnosis is made who is to say that the one deciding the illness is correct on deeming another’s state of mind. What that basically means is a whole medical field is based on someone’s dictation of the meanings of sane and insane and a healthy mind to an unhealthy one. Now that is not said to discredit the relevance of mental hospitals and doctors specializing in it, they are necessary and crucial to have. The consistency of mental health was the aspect being questioned.

The mental illness of depression however is one of the generally less disputed against diagnoses’. There are clear causes and even clearer symptoms shown by someone who is considered to be depressed. Depression affects people mentally and physically and the main thing expressed by somebody with clinical depression is lack of interest in anything they might have usually liked to do and radical changes in behavior along with irregular sleeping patterns (Nordqvist, 2-3). All these visual things are what make depression much easier to diagnose than most other mental illnesses.

Depression and its causes Essay Example

Depression, no matter what specific type, is a very curable mental illness that is also a relatively common illness in comparison to most others. Symptoms of depression do differ between types, and amongst the six types that exist they all share the main symptoms of fatigue, lack of interest, thrown off appetite, and messed up sleeping patterns as the four most common (“Depression”, 2-3). Depression in all forms is linked to other mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, and Autism due to similarities in each illness’s genetic make-ups (Nordqvist, 1).

Based upon this the symptoms of having depression may not even be limited to the ones listed for actual depression, it could go far enough as whatever symptoms are for any of those other three illness’s as well. Now in relation to treatment for Depression the conversation is very open because it is one of the more treatable disorders. The sooner someone starts their depression treatment the faster they can recover, the depression can still be fully treated if it is not helped right away, but it will take longer. The main

two treatments for depression are through drugs and psychotherapy. The drugs are anti depressants and psychotherapy is a method of psychological therapy where doctors use a psychological approach on the patients rather than physical means (Nordqvist, 5-6). It helps keep the patients calm and less stressed when the fear or intimidation of physical psychiatric machines and treatments are removed from their thoughts of treatment. The causes of depression are mostly seen not just mentally on patients but also physically.

Studies show that people with depression have high risks of developing obesity, or on the opposite side, uncommon loss weight loss proving the pertinence of physical effects that depression can cause. It also increases risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in people. However the causes differ from the effects (obviously) because these health issues develop as result of depression but there are connections of the effects to the causes (Nordqvist, 5). Being adept to the effects can jump-start other causes for people.

Depression causes, as previously stated, fatigue, loss in interest, changed appetite and abnormal sleep, but also has had cases where loss of sexual desire, lack of attention, constant feelings of anxiety, pessimism, hopelessness, and restlessness with irritability occur (“Depression”, 2-3). All of these are key signs to tell if a person has depression, if one or two of these issues are present there is no need for alarm, especially if they only last for a few hours infrequently. However if around 4-7 of these symptoms are shown and they are reoccurring or even all the time then there is a large chance that the person is depressed.

Depression really affects people who have it physical and emotionally and it has just as much of an effect on their loved ones too. It slows down everyone’s life around them and denial or negligence toward what is really occurring is very common when a family member or someone you generally see every day starts to suffer from depression (“Depression”, 9). The good side is how curable and how continually researched the field of depression treatment and understanding it is and how much progression has already came and how much is sure to come in the future.

An illness with the severity, along with the commonness of depression is rare to come across. In the US 6. 7% of adults are diagnosed with depression annually and that’s not including all the cases where people assume nothing is wrong and don’t go to see a doctor, which happens with a lot of people (“Depression”, 3). If you come across someone you feel could be depressed it is your duty to try and motivate that person to go to the doctors and to make sure they attempt to get better because sometimes it is the people that the victims are living with that are holding them back from seeing doctors.

Just as bad as the people diagnosed with depression don’t want to face the facts sometimes, neither do the people closest to them. Depression can lead to death in some cases where its victims get thoughts of suicide and even get the means to act on them. Depending on how sever ones case is can effect if they get these thoughts or not but regardless it could happen to any depression victim so symptoms must be caught in time to stop the thoughts from advancing into action.

The causes of depression rely on environment, genetic makeup, and ones ability to relate to people or lack of ability to. And the symptoms of depression, as explained before, are lack of interest, fatigue, as well as appetite and sleep changes so the causes as well as symptoms have impactful physical changes on people and obviously mental ones as well (“Depression”, 2). There is always hope to be cured once diagnosed with depression but there has to be effort from the victim and the ones close, it is really hard to live with somebody who is depressed, and all people can do it give support.

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