Derek Jeter

7 July 2018

The black market is bad and the fair market is the only fair way.

Compensate the athletes before the black market is into too much trouble that they can’t fix. These colleges have so much money. The university of Memphis men’s basketball teams brought in $6. 7 million (Evasive). They earn so much through the year and they have so much income in one game. They make $50 million a season and around $5-6 million dollars in one game. These colleges that are making around 39-10 million just in advertising alone! College coaches get 5 million dollars alone.

These colleges are being very greedy with their money they can give just a slight little sliver to the players. Benefiting the college athletes is the best way to grow the school. Growing the population of a school is the best thing you can do for a city or whatever the people are living in.

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Growing the population of anything increases the way the sport will function the sport and benefit the sport. More students in the school the better the chance to find the players and athletes that you want. Colleges make too much money, “Texas Longhorns made $50 million dollars in the bowl in 2011” (Evasive).When college athletes are getting paid for their action they want to play harder.

When you have college athletes play t their best of their ability they are more than likely to play in the pros and get drafted. College athletes are great people to look up to and need something to motivate them. Who would want to choose to play for the black market? Black market is not the way to go. When people are going behind the lines just to cheat on something that is not even important then it is not fair to the colleges, players, and coaches.While in an interview with ESP. Ben Cohen said “The NCAA has created a black market. You can choose between the black market and fair market”.

It is not fair because then they are getting the best players UT of every state to come and play for them. Coaches use the money that they get each year from advertisements and games that they can and are able to buy these players to come and play for their college. The coaches that get away with this are more than likely to succeed in their particular sport. Integrity is everything in the sport world.When someone has integrity about their sport, and they win, they feel very much more accomplished then they would if they cheated and chose the black market the get their most talented players. When colleges have the money to spend on their field when they don’t really deed it, it just throws away the money that the school earns, for example. College coaches get millions of dollars like I have said earlier to coach these miracle teams.

They are getting paid just as much as a professional athlete that sits the bench. That is a ridicules amount of money that these COLLEGE coaches get.The coaches that coach these teams are very well trained and very talented on their coaching. When you get a coach that can do is job really well and can contribute to the team. Have a coach that can teach sports how they are supposed to be taught their team will have great success . When allege coaching go out and scout people they look for the kids that will help out not only their team, but to contribute to the school. When a kid is very athletic and very educated they can contribute on and off the field and that’s the type of kid that they need for the school.

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