Describe How You Might Contribute to a Lesson Given

2 February 2017

Before the lesson began, I would check with the teacher which instrument/s were to be used and if we were to use music sheets or any other handouts. I would ensure the classroom was safe and tidy, I would then check there were enough instruments for each child or if they were to share and then arrange the classroom in a suitable manner. I would set out the instruments and any accompanying materials to allow the children to begin the lesson straight away.Prior to the class I would review where the instruments were kept and if they were in a suitable place for the children to access. Before the children attended the class, I would check all of the instruments were in working order and that I knew how to use the instrument and review any details that the children may want to know. This will allow me to be confident when helping the children and help me to be a positive role model to the children.

During the lesson, I would supervise the children and help keep their concentration on the lesson at hand to help minimise any negative behaviour, handing out praise and encouragement where appropriate. I would help any child who was struggling with the lesson and provide any extra support and encouragement they needed. While the lesson is in progress I would remain calm and confident with any issues or questions that may arise and help the children to get the most out of the lesson. Through the lesson, I would observe the children to see if any needed any extra assistance or if any child stood out.This will help me to review the lesson with the teacher and make any further arrangements for following lessons. At the end of the class I would encourage and assist the children in returning the instruments to the correct area and check the instruments were still in good working order. I would also update any inventory of the instruments, so they were available for the other students.

If required I would discuss the lesson with the teacher and pass on any observations that I had made.

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