Describe Risks and Possible Consquences

2 February 2017

There are many risks involved for children using the internet..

.. this may be that the child has innocently mistyped on the keyboard and are exposed to porongraphic images. Parents have the option to block certain things popping up on the computer screen Children use networking sites, such as facebook, they will state their name, their age, address etc, they will also post photos of themselves onto the wall.They should go onto the privacy settings and set to friends only…

Describe Risks and Possible Consquences Essay Example

this means that no frien that is on the list can see their profile. This is because a paedophile will pose as a teenager with similar interests and hobbies to gain friendship. They will try to gain your trust and want to meet you in person. They could also lie in wait for you if you have stated that you will be meeting friends in a certain park at a certain time. Paedophiles, groom children.Children can be bullied, either on the internet or by the use of a mobile phone..

. Could be a lone person doing the bullying or a group of people. They can torment, threaten, tease etc anytime of the day or night. Always keep a copy of the types of messages and day and time thay were sent and inform an adult. This type of bullying will probably lower the childs self esteem and cause them to become depressed. Children can also be hooked on cult websites or a suicidal site where they make pacts with each other to end their own lives

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