Describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development

8 August 2016

Every child will come from a different family environment, culture and circumstances. There are a lot of families that will experience extreme changes and the school may not be informed that the child is going through something at home (for example; parents splitting up, moving house, bereavement etc) These can affect the children emotionally, their intellectual development and their behaviour due to the atmosphere at home and with family members.

Pupils Health Children who suffer from poor health or a physical disability or impairment could then be restricted in their development opportunities (for example; for a child who suffers from a physically disability or impairment, they might not be able to join in with certain activities that other children can carry out easily, i. e. PE lessons) As well as it affecting the child’s learning it may also restrict social activities.

Emotional development could be impacted depending on the child’s knowledge of their own needs and for these reasons it is important that the adults in the school are fully aware of the circumstances so that the right support can then be given.

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Poverty and deprivation These are very likely to have a large affect on the child’s development. Children that are from a deprived background and come to school are less likely to achieve as well as a child that is not from a deprived background (this is shown by statistics) as parents from a deprived background tend to find it more difficult to manage their specific needs which in turn will affect areas of development this in turn will affect the child’s response when in certain situations. Personal Choices Personal choices of children will affect their development as they grow older, when they decide on their own friendship groups, hobbies and academic involvement. Advice and support is needed from adults to then enable them to make the right choice which in turn suits them better. Care status

If a child is in care or being looked after then this can sometimes affect their development in different ways. Normally in this situation the child will be closely monitored anyway, regular meetings will be arranged with the school to ensure that progress reaches the same standard as what is expected. Education There are children who have not been in education before coming to school (for example; from a different country where a formal education didn’t start until a later age. ) Additional support may then be needed.

Pupils are exposed to different circumstances/environment during their childhood. Many teenagers development may be affected too. Big changes that could happen and can affect others would be illness, moving house, families splitting up and these will then cause a difference in children’s responses. 2. 2 Recognising and responding to any concerns about a child’s development. If you have concerns about a child’s development or wellbeing, you should always share it with someone (appropriate) of higher authority.

With children in primary schools you should refer any concerns with the class teacher straight away followed by SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) whereas in secondary schools you should go straight to the latter, even if the concerns have already been brought up by others before, your complaint will not be ignored and it is still important to raise the issue again until the matter at hand is resolved.

You will need to give dates, reasons for the concerns and examples of what has happened, so that everything can be backed up. If it’s a concern with the child’s development in school or an issue with friends then the parents must be informed, there are different rules and regulations to follow if the concern is with parents/guardians/family members mistreating the child

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