Describing a Person You Admire

9 September 2016

My dad was my best friend. He gave great advice and taught me to become the independent woman I am today. He always believed in me to be the best I could be which made him very happy. I remember one time he told me, I want you to become a nurse and after I finished high school I went to a nursing school. I started but after two years I loose him after he died I could even continue because I taught was do it for him, and I left school. Living with people two times my helped me become the young lady I am today. I leaned some very helpful live lessons that I tooked up into my adult years.

I learned to do a lot before my time I also learned o be a better parents to my kids. Learning about life when I was grew-up becoming my guide to becoming a strong mother figure to wonderful kids. Growing up in my teen years I’ve been though a lot. Seen a lot, and have done a lot. My biggest inspiration was my father, I leaned to become a responsible adult. I was his little girl. Very shelted, and taught the meaning of struggle before I went through it Even though I wasn’t your typical teenager. I am blessed to have one guide me in the right direction.

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