Description of a person that I admire: Marie Curie

8 August 2016

One of the people I really admire is a Polish physicist and chemist woman, full of courage and determination to investigate radioactivity. My admiration is not only for her talent but also for the fact that during the 19th Century, not many people could think about a woman changing millions of lives with her full-time studies, especially if she came from a poor family. That is the reason why Marie Curie’s generosity deserves our grateful thanks.

Since she was a child, Marie Curie knew that the greatest desire of her life was becoming a physic and chemist as her father was. He was the one in charge of her daughter’s education due to Marie’s mother’s death. Most of the things she learnt were taught by her father, but when Marie had the age to go to University she started to work as a governess to be able to pay her travel to Paris where women could study.

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Description of a person that I admire: Marie Curie
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Marie earned the money to go to France where she studied at Soborne University and lived from hand to mouth.

Sometimes she fainted during classes because she didn’t eat well, but her passion and love for learning was so big that nothing could stop her. Another thing that made her studies at France difficult was her rusty French, but Marie’s tolerance helped her to overcome all of those situations because she knew what she wanted. While she was studying at University she met Pier Curie, who she married and raised a family with. Together, they developed the studying of radioactivity and shared with Henri Becquerel their Nobel Prize in Physics.

After that Marie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It is amazing how much strength she had to overcome her social condition to study and research radioactivity up to give her own life due to all of the years of exposure that made her developed cancer and died. At present, after 79 years from Marie’s death, I consider her as a hero for her discoveries and especially for her example of bravery and loyalty to her goals which are still saving lives in every hospital.

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