Descriptive Essay

1 January 2017

Describe a place where you Feel safe and protected The place that I feel safe and protected the most is the place where I live in the place where I grew in –my home. How does my house look? And how does its structure make me feel safe? Having my family around gives me a sense of security. People’s feelings and opinions when they visit our home. Can I feel safer anywhere else? Conclusion Home Feeling safe depends on the place you are in, who is there, and how people act in it. So you can’t feel safe anywhere, anytime.

Usually people have a special place that they feel protected in. The place that I feel safest and protected in the most is the place where I live in, the place where I grew up in – my home. When I step inside the house and close our big metal door that’s when I feel relief. I look around me recognizing everything, walking through the guest living room, then entering the dining room that has a rectangular shaped table with eight chairs around it. This is where we all gather for lunch and dinner, after that I get into the family living room leaving the place with the delicious aroma on my right.

Descriptive Essay Essay Example

I use the stairs to go to my favorite part of my home, it is the room that has my warm comfortable bed, fluffy pillows and cozy blanket – that’s where I end up relaxing every day. When I hear the sound of my brothers and sisters playing and shouting and the sound of my mom’s steps walking around the house to make sure that everything is all right. Hearing there sounds around me makes me feel that I’m not alone and I’ll always be safe with them. At the end of the day every one waits to hear the sound of my dad saying,” I’m home” after he comes back from work.

So everyone goes over to give him a hug and feel his worm arms around us and smell his beautiful perfume, that’s when I feel that no one can harm me and I ‘m always going to be protected as long as I’m home and around my family. People entering our house can feel a positive energy, can feel the love and kindness transporting from us to them. They always say that they feel comfortable and safe when they enter our house, as if they are in their own homes. Whenever they sit on our soft sofas and eat from my mom’s tasty cooking they wish that they never left.

I don’t thing that I will ever feel that safe anywhere else than home, where ever I went I will still feel less protected. So being home around my family is the only place that makes me feel comfortable and safe without being afraid of anything or anyone. In conclusion, the house or the place where one can relax in and feel comfortable and protected by being there, can usually be called “habitat” or home. Other factor such as the family and surrounding inside the house plays a part in turning the house into what we call “home –sweet home”.

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