My Childhood Memory of a Parade Day

2 February 2017

“Hurry Hurry! We’re going to be late! We won’t find a place to sit! ” Exclaimed my overly anxious mom. Today was a day widely appreciated in our ambitious city, it was a parade day! You could just feel the cheerfulness in the air. My sister and I were patiently waiting on our plump couches while our bizarre mom was zooming around the house trying to get everything ready. At last she decided we were all fit to venture out to the busy street where the parade was being held.Well that is after she had her hands packed with everything my mom thought we would need. Such as: a plethora of plastic bags, heavy-duty plastic chairs, every color under the rainbow of umbrellas, vast blankets, and her bulky, rose-colored purse with a sizeable amount of cash for scrumptious snacks sold by vendors on this soon to be sweltering, scorching day.

*** “Bang! Bam! Boom! ” is what everyone hears at the start of a fantastic parade when the flags stroll by along with guns. The excitement of the annual town parade pervades everyone’s senses.As I was glancing through the crowd I saw the little children sprawled out on their multi-colored blankets brimming with eagerness, with their parents in their own bright crimson and royal blue lawn chairs, anticipating all the floats to pass by. Next came the multitude of high school bands and auxiliaries lumbering, deafeningly this way. With the drum major perspiring under the intense heat, the woodwinds gently blowing into their delicate instruments, also the brass’ powerful music notes, and ending the band is the intimidating drum line. Go Team! ” screeched the spirited cheerleaders as they launched one another into stunts after stunts. Finally, the diligent, dependable supporters of the school brought up the rear.

My Childhood Memory of a Parade Day Essay Example

Suddenly all of the kids begin creeping closer to the edge of the curb ready to snatch any sweet treat in sight. All the children start leaping up and down and waving frantically at the passing floats, in hopes of sugary candy being thrown in their directions. Even my younger sister darted towards the candy raining down from the beautifully decorated floats.My mother was snapping pictures left and right of anything and everything she saw. I spotted a few of my friends displaying glittering signs and colorful flyers from atop of the floats crawling by. Peddlers were desperately trying to sell their glow in the dark swords, sparkly tiaras, and extremely inflated balloons to anybody in sight. Vendors were making bargains almost impossible to say no to.

Once came these two huge, furry guys in gorilla suits, bolting towards the crowds of people, baring their pearl white, pointed teeth.Almost every one of the children darted back to their cackling parents’ arms. I have to admit, I was a little wary of them also. Then, the enormous red and white fire trucks came wailing right behind the gorillas, everyone enjoyed the courageous firefighters. Later, you could hear the clopping of the regal horses and adorable ponies. Along with the soft animals came the reeking stench of them too, but of course you would only realize the putrid smell once the furry friends continued trotting past you.To wrap up the everlasting parade were the pooper scoopers.

By the time they had finished cleaning up the horse mess; a few kids (and even some foolish adults) had the wonderful experience of plodding in horse feces. As we were all departing our perfect locations, we were all discussing with glee, the superb floats we had just witnessed. I loved seeing the jovial and exuberant faces the parade goers had plastered across their faces. Just to think all of these events will repeat the following year.

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