Descriptive Research

1 January 2017

Descriptive-normative – β€œThe term normative is sometimes used because surveys are frequently made to a certain the normal or typical condition or practice, or compare local test results with a state or national norm” (Good and Scates, 1972) Example: A Study on the English Achievement of Fourth Year Secondary Students at the State Colleges and Universities in Region 7. 3. Descriptive-status – This approach to problem solving seeks to answer questions to real facts relating to existing conditions. This is a technique of a quantitative description which determines the prevailing conditions in a group of cases chosen for study.

Example: A Study on the Socio-Economic Status and Performance of Instructors and Professors of State Universities and Colleges in Region 9. 4. Descriptive-analysis – This method determines or describes the nature of an object by separating it into arts. Its purpose is to discover the nature of things. Example: A Study on the Job Analysis of Personnel in Government and Private Hospitals in Region 6 5.

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Descriptive-classification – This method is implied in natural sciences subjects, namely: Biology, Zoology, Psychology, Ichthyology, Conchology and the like.

Example: A Taxonomic Study of Sea Urchins in the Municipal Waters of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines 6. Descriptive-evaluative – This design to appraise carefully the worthiness of the current study. Example: A Study on the Evaluation of an Implementation of WOW (War or Wastes) in the Division of Zamboanga del Norte 7. Descriptive-comparative – The researcher considers at least two entities and establishes a formal procedure for obtaining criterion data on the basis of which he can compare and conclude which of the two is better.

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