Descriptive writing about plane flight

6 June 2016

After waiting many hours in the airport lobby, the plane finally was ready at gate 42. I took one last look at where I had been sitting for the past two hours. As I walked toward the plane, I thought about all the terrible things and accidents that I had been through at my summer trip.

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once I boarded the plane and tuck myself comfortably in the seat, the plane took off and started the journey toward the blue sky when I heard a rumble under my feet. I didn’t worry as I thought that it was just the landing gear retracting back in the plane. But after sitting in my seat for another four long hours, I heard another rumble, and this rumble couldn’t be the landing gear.

Suddenly the Sun was replaced by dark clouds and rain poured on the windows. “There is a thunderstorm happening and we’re in the middle of it, so please seat back in your seats and buckle up.” said the captain. I thought there should be just some turbulence and an intensive atmosphere in the plane. But unexpectedly, the turbulence was so heavy that I was nearly pulled out of my seat. However, after a minute or two, the turbulence ended and the staff on the plane started bringing out food.

My meal on the plane was a disaster. I was waiting for the first meal excitedly, though foods served on flights are usually low quality and tastelessness. But still they were the best way for me to escape the boredom. The temperature inside the plane was so low I believe that the airplane was adjusted to transport frozen meat across the pacific ocean, not human passengers. It was in the middle of summer so I didn’t have any warm clothes with me. I had asked the staff for a blanket and she explained that they ran out. Right after he was gone, the staff with a trolley started handing blue plastic tray. Each tray contained a covered plastic plate, a piece of bread, a yogurt cup and a bottle of water.

I opened the lid of the plastic plate, enjoying its warmth. Then I took a look inside; it contained white rice and a kind of green mash. At least it didn’t look strange! Trying to figure out what it was, I started to investigate it with my spoon, while keeping my face above it to feel the warmth. The hash seemed to be made of vegetables and there were small pieces of chicken and potato in it. Finally, I came to this conclusion that bearing with the temperature was easier than eating the food.

At last, after seven hours sitting in the stiff chair on the plane, I have finally returned home, now sitting on my comfortable sofa enjoying a great meal with just the right temperature set on the AC and thinking about all the experience that I had been through in my summer trip journey.

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