Descriptive Writing Autobiography

3 March 2017

My first ever rollercoaster “Tickets please! ”, as I handed my ticket to the generous lady I could start to feel my hands and legs trembling with fear, it was almost like they knew what was coming. I started to walk along with my friends into the queue of death, sweating with every step. We waited for what seemed like hours until we finally reached a dark tunnel, so dark that a whole army of bats could live in it, I knew we were getting closer I could feel the vibrations in the ground and the intensity just got one hundred times worse.

Merely ten minutes later I could see the front; my heart began to beat so fast I could’ve sworn it skipped a beat. We handed our belongings to the man at the desk and stepped up to the barriers, we were the next victims of this death-like rollercoaster. I was shaking so badly my friends thought I was going mad, and then I saw it. The carriage was coming from the end of the tunnel on the railings; it came to a sudden halt right in front of us.

Descriptive Writing Autobiography Essay Example

The barrier doors swung open and the handle bars raised to the air to let their victims sit in what felt like there last ever seat, trying not to look horrified and foolish in front of my friends I casually sat down and At that sudden moment the handle bars flew back down restricting me from moving an inch, it was too late to go back now. Every hair on my body seemed to be standing on end, and to make matters worse there seemed to be a creepy, terrifying, eerie voice coming from the carriage muttering, “Let the games begin”.

The carriage started to move like a walking tortoise, it came to a sudden halt and out of nowhere there was that same eerie voice laughing, making the whole tunnel echo. In an instant we started to descend downwards faster than a speeding bullet, next blink of an eye later I was looking in front of me and my head seemed to be spinning like a merry-go round, it gradually became upright again and we were slowing down, we had come out of the tunnel and into the daylight.

Just when I thought it was over my eyes felt like they were about to pop out of their sockets, standing before me was railing hill the size and steepness of a mountain, the chains started to pull us up forcing us to stare at the sky, minutes felt like hours when we finally reached the top, I glanced in front of me and for a split-second it seemed like I could see the whole world. The next second I was looking at the ground and to my horror, at the bottom waiting for us stood two gigantic vicious blades, We were travelling so fast down that I thought my hair was about to catch fire like a meteor plummeting towards the earth.

I thought to myself that this was surely the end; I was going to die a horrible death from these two killer-blades. To my utter relief my head seemed to have missed just an inch, thank god I wasn’t any taller otherwise there would’ve been a head with no body lying on the ground. I was still speeding through the air, everything seemed to be vivid and blurry, all i could feel was the wind whipping in my face, as for my hearing there seemed to be shouts and laughter, my vision became clearer and clearer, there was one final jaw-dropping drop before the carriage began to finally slow down.

The same eerie voice that was laughing seemed to be angry, we were still moving but at the rate of a walking tortoise again, we finally reached that pitch-black tunnel and I knew that it was over. We stopped at barriers and the handles were lifted and we were free to go, i couldn’t believe that i had survived and my body was still shaking from the adrenaline, it was a thrilling experience that made me want to go on again and again and again.

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