Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra – Babalu

8 August 2019

“Babalu” reflects the appeal and color oflegendary bandleader Desi Arnaz. His talented singing voice has a Cuban flare.What this musician likes to do is take the most popular Cuban songs and mix themwith his own to make an unmatched musical experience.

Not only is Arnaz a musician, he is alsowell-known for his starring role as Ricky Ricardo on the sitcom “I LoveLucy,” where he played a bandleader, at times performs some of hishits.

Desi Arnaz starts this collectionwith the song “Babalu.” This tune has almost a tribal feel as the leadman plays the conga drums. This is perhaps one of the best albums to play at anightclub. It has songs to dance to as well as slow songs. Also, the musicreflects the artist. One can learn about the culture of Cuba through Arnaz’s manyreferences to the country and some Spanish lyrics.

“Babalu” isone of a kind. Not many have reached the popularity of this Cuban star.

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The albummay appear to be outdated and only appreciated by the past generation, but that’snot true. It still serves as a basis for salsa and jazz musicians.

“Babalu” is a top-rated Latin album. It is very moving, and mayeven inspire listeners to relocate to Cuba.

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