I will now know that when I die, he disease will die with me. I think that is a logical argument for using gene sequencing because diseases, such as cancer or Down’s syndrome should be terminated if possible. Some benefits of having your genome sequenced Is that It can help researchers and clinicians better understand the unique qualities of a disease. It could also be used to help select treatment methods when combined with other information. Another benefit would be that there would be an advance in personalized medicine. But, along with the benefits there are also risks.

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One risk Is hat there are no experiments done to determine the long-term effects. With genomes being sequenced, it could ultimately result in decreased diversity and lower tolerance to disease as a whole. However if the gene sequences are eliminating disease, the sequencing could be a major Improvement In society. Therefore, If diseases are eliminated, the benefits of gene sequencing could outweigh the risks, as long as the rights of gene sequencing werent abused. One benefit of altering the genome of an embryo is the procedure will virtually guarantee that the child will be s requested.

If a parent requested that their child Is a female, It will definitely come out as a female. However In addition to this, the probability that it will have green eyes and blond hair will increase because those two traits were biomarkers associated with the female gender. Another benefit is that this process could weed out embryos at risk of disease. This could be a major benefit because the disease could be eliminated before the child Is even born, ultimately giving them a completely different and healthy life. Some risks of altering the genome of an embryo re introducing a new form of discrimination.

Due to parents having the opportunity to choose specific traits tor their children, there could be a “dominant species” created where specific traits would be most desired in people. This could cause a lot of controversy because if everyone begins trending toward their children being tall, short people will begin tobe discriminated and could be seen as having “undesirable traits”. This could also cause some children to feel superior to others because of their particular genes. Personally, I do not think the benefits outweigh the risks because his could lead to parents choosing the traits for their children.

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Although thecreator of PGD didnt have the intentions of discrimination of children or abuse of this method, it can’t be trusted because it is very easy to let this get out of hand and cause the world to become fully “made up”. If every parent decided to choose the traits of their children. there wouldnt be any natural people left as time went on. The only reason that this should be acceptable is if the doctors were able to see an infected embryo that would be delivered unhealthy. In this case only should doctors tOf2

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