Designing for Dollars Essay Sample

8 August 2017

This assignment will be graded as either “complete” or “incomplete” . Please note that you must finish this first assignment in order to subject all other assignments traveling frontward in this class. The assignment will prove your ability to efficaciously use occupation hunt engines/sites to happen a suited occupation posting that meets your needs/career goals/abilities.

Instruction manuals:
1. Choose one relevant and current occupation poster of “real” involvement to you ( post-graduation ) from a Canadian occupation hunt engine. 2. Make a transcript of your selected occupation posting ; you keep a transcript. and a 2nd transcript will be submitted to your professor. 3. Once you have selected a occupation poster of involvement. delight besides complete the affiliated questionnaire ( 13 inquiries ) outlined on the following page. If you chose to handwrite your replies. delight guarantee that your authorship is legible. 4. Please submit a printed paper transcript of both paperss ( posting and questionnaire to your professor at the beginning of category in hebdomad 2.

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Questions Student Responses – finish the followers: 1. Your name/student # . current plan country of survey and calling end station graduation: Name: Student # : Plan Name: After I graduate. as a precedence I will be: ( look into box most applicable ) * looking for full clip work in Canada * traveling to University * Other – please elaborate: 2. Are you presently working? Check applicable box. [ ] Yes presently working [ ] No non presently working 3. Make you hold any voluntary experience? Check applicable box. [ ] Yes I have volunteer experience [ ] No I do non hold any voluntary experience 4. What is the occupation rubric / organisation name and industry related to the occupation posting that you have selected. Does this occupation align with your field of survey? Check applicable box. The occupation rubric for this place is: The company hiring is: [ ] Yes it aligns with my field of survey [ ] No it does non aline with my field of survey. Then choose another occupation. 5. What cognition. accomplishments and/or abilities are required for this occupation and make you run into those standards? Check applicable box. List the cognition. accomplishments and abilities required: [ ] Yes I meet all demands [ ] No I do non run into all demands – so choose another occupation poster.

6. What instruction degree is required for this occupation and make you run into those standards? Check applicable box. List the instruction degree required: [ ] Yes I will run into this demand upon graduation [ ] No I will non run into this demand – so choose another occupation posting. 7. How much work experience is required for this occupation and make you run into those standards? Check applicable box. Sketch the Work Experience required: [ ] Yes I have this degree of work experience. [ ] No I do non hold this degree of work experience – so choose another. 8. What does this occupation wage and does it run into your fiscal needs/goals? ( if non noted. research and happen it ) Check applicable box. What will this occupation wage? It wasn’t noted. but I looked up the market value and it is: [ ] Meets my fiscal goals/needs. [ ]

No it does non run into my fiscal needs/goals – so choose another. 9. How does this occupation fit your personal calling ends and involvements? Explain in point signifier. This occupation posting lucifers my personal calling ends and involvements because: 10. Explain why you take this place over all others available? Explain in point signifier. I chose this peculiar place over all others available because: 11. On a 5 point graduated table ( 1: low and 4: strong ) please rate your English authorship and presentation accomplishments. I perceive my English authorship skill degree to be at this degree: I perceive my English presentation accomplishment degree to be at this degree: 12. Have you made two transcripts of the occupation poster ; [ ] Yes. one transcript for me. and one transcript for my professor. [ ] No. Then delight make so. 13. Is at that place anything else that you want me to cognize approximately you as it relates to this class and/or your calling ends?

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