Destined for Greatness

4 April 2019

I often ask myself, “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose in this world?” and “Does my existence matter?” These questions swirl inside my head as if they were continuously pounding until I realize some insights afterwards. As I wake up everyday, I know that there must be a possible reason why I live and to whom I’ll spend my life with. The journey of life for a teenager like me is a crossroad of confusion, discovery, enlightenment and self – acceptance. I believe that somehow, in ways I don’t expect, there must be a power beyond mine that holds and sustains me, to live my life and discover why I am here.

Way back when I was a playful child in chaotic streets, I don’t take life in a serious way. I only know that being with my playmates under the intense fever of the sun was everything to me.

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Perhaps it’s a part of being a toddler wherein you’re a careless, self – centered and just pure fun were on your innocent mind. I always got bruised whenever there’s a physicality involved, but I didn’t know that this period of my life is where my discovery for inner self begins. I’m not just a child anymore, I am now a growing dreamer in this big and tough world.

The time I wandered through playing was also the moment I discovered my passion which is travelling through the realm of pages. My mind always craves for something purposeful, and up until now, my desire to live inside the tomes became a habit. It’s not just a product of curiosity but a strong desire that triggers my soul to learn and live more. I devoured folktales, legends, short stories and now that I’m a grown up lad, I included articles, essays, journals and anything my hungry mind wants to feed upon. I realized that life is a big storybook, and I’m the protagonist of this ambitious, creative storytelling.

Being a teenager, I continue to discover that there’s really more to life than what I’m capable of thinking. The things I used to do now became a bucketful of questions that need definite and steadfast answers. However, though changes in my physical, social, emotional and intellectual being invade my body, my passion for reading remains alive and pliant, and will not bepummeled easily by life’s upheavals. This included my consistent scholastic standing from elementary up to high school level, graduating valedictorian from both,. I joined numerous extra – curricular contests and I had the chance to meet different people along my way. Now, with my continuing education, I slowly unveiled that there must be this twin intellectual accompaniment to reading — writing , To express. To share. To feel. To voice out.

A college freshman is now ready to face the next chapters of his book. Life may still offer a lot of trials, but who holds my life anyway? I, Victor, is ready to write — toinspire, breathe, see and live. This is my purpose, to learn and love, and I existed primarily to fulfill His will for me, to a healed , better world.

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