Deutsche Bank

4 April 2015
A description of the organizational structure of Deutsche Bank.

This paper analyzes Deutsche Bank by reviewing how three key activities are planned and managed within the Group Executive Committee division of this organization. In addition it reviews what roles teamwork, effective management and motivated employees play in completing these activities. The paper demonstrates how planning techniques are created using P.E.R.T. It also outlines how Deutsche Bank approaches the monitoring and management of quality and related issues in the Group Executive Committee Division of the organization. The paper gives an overview of the organizational structure of the bank and how this division of the bank interrelates with other functional areas. A graph is provided illustrating the organizational structure of the bank.
“The organizational structure of the Deutsche Bank is made up of three groups, which include Corporate and Investment Banking, Private Clients and Asset Management and Corporate Investment. These three groups also make up the Divisional Committee; the other two committees are the Group Executive Committee and the Functional Committee.

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