Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture in China

For the entrepreneurship environment, only the government cannot create a perfect environment for entrepreneur is not enough. The other big different thing between China and other developed countries is the civilian force’s influence for the small business. In some developed countries, most of successful business men like to pay money for the new enterprises, these abundant capital make these new company could have a faster development and people always call these successful business men named Angel Investor. But in China, the Angel Investment is less.

Because the mean of Angel Investor is: “wealthy people who help entrepreneurs they believe in to start businesses by funding them” (Li Yi), however, the mean of the Angel Invertor is different from traditional Chinese rich people’s thinking, most of Chinese wealth people like to give money to their son or daughter, not other people who has no relationship with themselves, so, that is the most reason there are less Angel Invertor in China. The unsubstantial civilian force block the development of entrepreneurship in China, however, as time goes on, there will be more and more Angel Invertor in China.In 1945, when the University of Harvard began to open the Entrepreneurship Education, this subject has been developed more than 60 years. However, in China this subject grow up nearly 10 years. At the beginning of the subject created, most of universities are not be interested in the Entrepreneurship Education, with the development of the times, follow the trend and the needs of the community, some universities in the first-tier cities began to have this class. However, these classes are limited by fundamental realities of China that most of Chinese students’ parents disagree their son or daughter to choose this class because the venture capital for the traditional Chinese family is a huge extra expense. It is result in fewer students like to choose the Entrepreneurship major and also is the first reason that the entrepreneurship education developed not fast.

The second reason is in china, the university education pay more attention to theoretical education, most of students just learn knowledge from books and have no practical experiences. In fact, the Entrepreneurship Education is a

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