Development of Chiropractics

4 April 2015
This paper examines the history of chiropractics and its claims.

This paper presents an in-depth discussion on the development of the field of Chiropractics. The writer outlines the history, discusses the controversy that surrounds it and talks about various aspects of the industry.

From the paper:

“Each year millions of Americans go to a chiropractor to have adjustments to their body performed. They are sure the procedure helps them feel better and they re eager and willing to pass out the name of their practitioner to anyone who needs it. This translates into millions of satisfied customers each year. There has also been an ongoing controversy regarding the use of chiropractics in medicine today. While the field was getting started those who chose to become chiropractors were often called quacks and accused of manipulating people ?s wallets as often as they manipulated the body. Today however the field seems settled firmly in the middle.

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While the medical community will admit that there are useful purposes for the treatments, there is still controversy on exactly what those treatments are capable of doing.”

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