Development of Hospitality in Australia

1 January 2017

Research Report (Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events) Due Date: Sunday 11. 55pm of week 6 Word Count: 1,500 words Assessment Weighting: 40% Group or Individual: Individual Learning Outcomes addressed: 1&2 Instructions: Each student will be required to select a topic from the following list of key historic moments and write a report based on their research of how that key moment influenced the host/ guest relationship. 0 Key Historical Developments: 1) Earliest hotels – food and lodging for travellers and their livestock 2) Development of Hospitality in Australia.

3) How has quality been achieved in hospitality events and tourism industry. 4) Development of the hotel chains luxury hotels, business, boutique and leisure hotels ‘ their social contribution and impact on the workforce 5) The advent of air travel and the development of luxury sea travel 6) Economic development after World War II producing an increased market of business travellers and tourists 7) Holidays for all! The growth of tourism and hospitality as commercial industries in their own right in the late 20th century 8) The global technological advancement of the 20th and 21st centuries 9) The advent of major and mega events in the 20th century 10) The Global financial situation in the early 21st century Marking Criteria: Section Correct presentation format including Cover Page, Title Page, Content Page, Introduction, Conclusion Executive Summary and Reference List or Bibliography.

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Development of Hospitality in Australia
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Correct structure of report including correct word count, spelling and grammar, with references correctly cited in the Harvard Method Evidence of research and wider readings through quotations, citations and paraphrasing and use of examples, critical analysis and insight to support arguments. Understanding of theory related to the host/guest relationship. Marks Awarded 5 marks 10 marks 15 marks 10 marks 1

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