Development of Science and Technology

1 January 2017

Every Technology handled by the Law of land in proper manner, in that matter There is no second thought. At present stage Nano Technology boomed with the help of Indian Patent Act , 1970 ( Amended 2005 ) . Compared with West , India put its step in to this technology very earlier. For example* , a clear evidence that Carbon Nano technology existed centuries before in the Sothern part of India and Exported from the First century AD.

This kind of Carbon Nano Technology Mixed Swords used up to the period of Tipu Sultan ( The Tiger of Mysore ) , included it in his weaponry against the British. Nano technology is the manipulation of matter at the Atomic level and it has the Potential for Energy efficiency** . For upgrading this technology , Patent is n essential part in providing protection to the inventor however the same turns futile if it is not properly granted or the patents so granted are overlapping with others.

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This synopsis attempts to address the issues of lack of knowledge and expertise in the field of Nano technology which act as possible road blocks in examining patent application for Nano technology inventions ***. Key words : Nano Technology, Energy, and Patent. *P. 48, Nano Digest, December, 2009. ** P. 132m Civil Service Chronicle, May 2010 *** Hard Copies related with published Nano Patents Applications ( All Intellectual Property Offices in India ).

Now it has been a accepted fact that the developments in Science and Technology are always steps ahead of Laws framed for regulating the technologies as a result of which the in the absence of a well defined regulatory frame work act as the Frankenstein Monster having enormous potential for Good as well as Evil*. In the light of this back ground, My work addresses the need to adopt a proactive approach as regards Patenting Nano Technology in India. So that Nano Technology can be used for Maximum benefit to Flora , Fauna , Human and Environment in the name of Green and Sustainable development. Significance of the study

It is a tool for productivity and environmental improvement. It is a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen faster without being charged itself. Ex : Platinum. *** [email protected] unu. edu Nano technology, Bio technology, Information technology, and Cognitive science ( NBIC ) leads the technological side of entire world. With in the NBIC, Nano technology ( NT ) holds the lead role. As per the word of Kim Eric Drexler ( God father of Nano technology ), this technology emerged only after mid of the twentieth century.

But uses of Carbon Nano Tubes ( CNT ) in Wootz Steel for making of Damascus Sword – Carbon Nano Technology existed, produced, and exposed from First Century AD by the Sothern part of India. * It is a technological miracle handled by the earlier society in India. Nano particles done its act at the size of atom / molecule ( at the One billionth of meter ). ** Dimensions between 1 and 100 Nano Meters ( with in 100 nm ) are known as the Nano Scale, where unique phenomena enable novel application.

Chemical Engineering, 8. Mechanical Engineering and 9. Medicine. This technology make impacts on following Industries : 1. Electronics, 2. Materials, 3. Health and Bio technology, 4. Chemical, 5. Environmental 6. Energy, 7. Aerospace, 8. Automotive, 9. Security and 10. Forest products. United States of America’s business is Business, They think that Nano technology is “ Biggest Science initiative since the Appolo Program “. Now they are reaping the yield of Nano technology’s benefits as per the proverb “ the early bird catch its prey “. They add it class 977 in their act with sub classes to tackle this new technology.

I think that , We ( India ) must go ahead with the speed of other developed economies. Key words :- Energy, Health sector and IT sector * www. nanotechproject. org. In Our country, Nano technokogy is a government led initiative in major sectors. With in that, Energy storage, Production and conversion with in renewable energy frame works are primary area, where Nano technology applications might aid. * In the Energy and Health sectors , Government has played a exemplary role in research effort in Nano technology , in terms of Funding, Establishing scientific and technological infrastructure and Developing Human skills and capacity.

India, No doubt , is a very big market with varied types of Consumers. The main im for manipulation of bulk of patents by Multi National Corporations ( MNCs ) is to throw out small manufactures out of field and remain monopoly in the Trade under the pretension of infringement of registered Patent, even though not put in use by Patentee in India, Example : All Intellectual Property Offices in India granted below 100 Nano Patents from 2004 – 2011, with in that MNC takes lead ( More than 55 % ).

If this monopoly is to be allowed , Indian Consumers and Customers ( Users of Nano Technology Materials and End products ) will be left with no option but to buy very expensive and sophisticated materials or equipments and machineries . It will have an adverse effect on the Nation’s economy and there will be a drain on our foreign exchange. Ex : Madurai Kamarj University’s Nano Research department ,concerned with all science faculty, purchasing prepared Nano Materials from other countries.

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