Dez Moines by Devil Wears Prada

7 July 2019

Screamo music is not a favorite to most people but to the ones who it is, they can tell you it is a very energetic and awesome trend to get into. This song, in my opinion, isn’t even that hard to understand compared to other songs of this nature. If you just take time to listen to the lyrics it is quite clear what they are saying. Now with that being said the lyrics are pretty “angry” sounding per say. But this is one of the only genres of music wear you can express your self in a way that nothing else can allow you to do. With this song you can feel any kind of emotion and still have it be appropriate to the song. You can be angry or you can just be full of energy and need a release. Although there are some extremely hardcore screamo bands that i wouldn’t even listen to but Devil Wears Prada is an extremely talented band with some of the best songs I have ever listened to.

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