Dialogue Between

1 January 2017

Why are you late today? It’s time for our morning parade. Zulkarnain : Don’t you know that I always get up at 5. 00 in the morning to be ready for the parade? I have a severe headache. Syah : Oh, I see. Zulkarnain : Last night, I lay awake all night and was thinking about the impending war with our neighbour. Syah : So what? Zulkarnain : That disturbed my sleep. Can’t we avoid this war?

Syah :We are a peace loving nation. This war is forced on us. Anyhow it’s our Duty to fight for the nation. Zulkarnain : Of course, I know. I am prepared to lay down my life for my mother land yet Syah : A world without war is still a dream. (Sundar touches Chandar’s head and takes the temperature. ) Oh, you’re running a temperature. We will see the camp doctor. Zulkarnain : What about meeting the captain? Syah : We will meet the captain as planned in the evening.

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Zulkarnain : Before that, let me go up to the terrace and watch the Sunrise as I usually do. Syah : Can you climb the stairs? Zulkarnain : … mmm … Don’t you know that I start my day only after worshipping the Sun God. (in the terrace) Syah : Why do you look to the west? After all, the sun rises in the east. Zulkarnain : You’re right, I’m confused. Syah : What do you pray? Zulkarnain : I always pray for a world without war

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