Diana’s Disappointment

6 June 2016

Question 1
These are the various factors that I believe led to Diana not being promoted: When Diana had not been promoted the first time, she was told by her supervisor that she needed to work on her people skills. During another visit from her supervisor, it was suggested that Diana try to be friendlier and become more approachable to the employees. At that point, Diana should have realized that this is a weakness for her and that her lack of people skills might be the cause of the high turnover in staff she has been experiencing.

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Since Diana did not take her supervisor’s advice, it would appear to her superiors that she has no intention of changing from her current style of managing; this would cause some concern as Diana would be training new managers. With Diana’s history of poor people skills and large turnover in staff at her own restaurant, her superiors would not want Diana in charge of training the new managers. ·Self-management: Diana has showed on several occasions that she is very inflexible to her staff when it comes to company policies and procedures. When three employees tried a new customer service tactic, Diana fired them for the initiating the change in service. Instead she should have discussed the deviation from company policy with them and explained how important the company policies are. She has to realize that sometimes employees have new ideas that could benefit the entire company. ·

Social-awareness: Diana has been told by her supervisor that the employees refer to her as the “Ice Maiden”. Upon hearing this, Diana should have asked herself why the employees were thinking about her in such a cold manner. Diana should have realized that she needs to be more open, approachable and friendlier in order to establish a better working relationship with employees. When the three employees initiated the new customer service tactic, Diana should have asked the employees why they felt the need for a change in the existing customer service.

By not allowing the employees to express their ideas (and firing them instead), she is sending a message to the other employees that she not interested in how the employees think or feel. ·Relationship-management: In the situation with the three employees initiating a new customer service tactic, Diana should have discussed the importance of abiding by the corporate policies and procedures. She also could have taken the time to advise the employees of the correct way to bring any new ideas to her attention so that they could be approved first.

Diana should have shown support to them for having thought of the idea in the first place; and possibly have encouraged them to present their new customer service idea to corporate office (if the idea had some merit); this would show the employees that she is supportive and approachable.

Question 2

I feel that Diana needs to develop several competencies in order to become the next district manager by becoming: ·More flexible.
·More approachable.
·More forgiving.
·Interacting with the staff more.
·More caring.

If Diana could improve her people skills, I feel that she would make an excellent district manager as she seems to be very efficient in fulfilling the other duties that would be required on her.

The company Diana works for could assist her in acquiring these competencies by offering her several training courses that deal specifically with people skills. These courses would help Diana by showing her a better way to deal with employees that make the employees feel valued additions to the company; thus stopping the high turnover she has been experiencing.

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