Diary Entries for Stormbreaker

10 October 2016

Alex is fourteen years old when he learns that his Uncle has died in a car accident. He finds this odd as he knows his Uncle to be a predictable character who is generally very careful. Alex’s Uncle is a banker and he therefore feels very suspicious of his death. As he is the only living relative, he cannot talk to any other family about the way he is feeling. As Alex is unable to talk to anyone about the way he is feeling, he needs to find out further information for himself. This leads to him discovering the car that his Uncle died in.

Alex is able to look more closely at the car which shows lots of bullet holes in the seats and many blood stains, this evidence makes Alex wonder if his Uncle was set up. In fact due to this being totally out of character, Alex really believes this could be a murder case and wants revenge. Alex has a natural instinct for investigation, his determination and drive to find out the truth surrounding his Uncle’s death leads him to meeting Alan Blunt, a genuine spy for MI6. However, his curiosity leads him to being black mailed by Alex Blunt into becoming a spy himself! The youngest spy ever!

Alex is threatened by an MI6 spy called Herod that he will be sent to an orphan’s home if he does not accept the mission and his housekeeper jack will be deported to America. Alex’s Uncle was called Ian Rider and he had been killed after investigating Herod, a multi- millionaire who was giving away thousands of new computers to the children of London’s schools. Alex has no say and is sent away for three weeks on a crash course to train with the S. A. S. commandoes. During his training, Alex is taken and comes face to face with many villains. One called Mr Grin has a disfigured face because of a knife throwing accident in a circus.

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