Dickens: Little Dorrit

4 April 2015
Reviews Charles Dickens’ novel LITTLE DORRIT, emphasizing the social concerns evident in character, setting, plot & theme.

Charles Dickens was a novelists and social critic who had particular concerns about social problems such as prison reform. He wrote about the prisons not only of England but of America, the latter based on a tour he took of the country. In Little Dorrit, Dickens writes about prisons both real and symbolic, and his social concerns are evident in character, setting, plot, and theme. He develops these through a series of contrasts, and one of the issues on which characters differ is in their attitude toward money. Dickens writes about life in the nineteenth century and reflects his own concerns about the social structure and its effect on people at different levels of society. His characters are very real, and the society he depicts is believable and fully developed.

Edmund Wilson points out that Dickens depends on a form of..

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