Dickinson Vs Whitman Essay Research Paper Two

8 August 2017

Dickinson Vs Whitman Essay, Research Paper

Two Poets, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson are likely two of the most influential people in American poesy. They are regarded as the laminitiss modern American poesy. Walt Whitman ( 1819-1892 ) , for the clip was interrupting new land with his diverse, energetic poetry with respects to capable affair, signifier and manner whether speaking about unmarked objects in nature such as a individual blade of grass or even our ain hearing. Emily Dickinson ( 1830-1886 ) while populating a life of privacy, ne’er truly go forthing her place of birth, was really adventuresome internally. She was good read in English literature, frequently profoundly researching her ain ideas. While Dickinson and Whitman are referred to as the laminitiss of modern American poesy, they are strikingly different. While Whitman? s verse forms are big and expansive, the lines long and visually descriptive, Dickinson? s works, in contrast, are extremely compressed, squashing minutes of intense emotions and thought into tight four line stanzas which contract feeling and condense idea. If one was to compare Whitman? s Traversing Brooklyn Ferry with plants of Dickinson? s such as After a great hurting, a formal feeling comes And Remorse-is Memory-Awake, the differences with respects to the usage of words to convey feelings or emotions becomes evident between the two poets. In Traversing Brooklyn Ferry Whitman attempts to exceed clip and topographic point, ? The likenesss of the past and those of the hereafter? . This becomes even more evident when the 2nd stanza is read, when he speaks of others, ? Others will come in the Gatess of the ferry and cross from shore to shore, Others will watch the tally of the flood-tide, Others will see the transportation of Manhattan North and West, and the highs of Brooklyn to the South and E. It is here that Whitman straight engages his audience and subsequently he says, ? Merely as you feel when you look on the river

and sky, so I felt? . He strives to interrupt down boundaries, abolish differences, and extinguish discreteness. Whitman is talking straight to us, here and now, coevalss subsequently. He is besides rather clear on what way he wants us to travel as he maps it out swimmingly with his words. Emily Dickinson, nevertheless, in contrast does non put out such a clear way with her words. She workss them in the audiences? head alternatively, like a seed, where, when given some thought it will turn and perchance so be understood. After great hurting, a formal feeling comes is a good illustration of how she is non rather every bit clear as Whitman is. She writes? The stiff Heart inquiries was it he, that dullard, And yesterday, or centuries before? The reader can non derive a sense of what precisely she is speaking about. ? This is the hr of lead-Remembered if Outlived, As freezing individuals, recollect the snow-First? chill-then Stupor-then the lease travel? . When she writes Remorse-is Memory-awake she talks about the emotion or feeling of compunction prevarications in people? s memories and no 1 can bring around that feeling. ? Remorse-is Memory-awake Her parties all splash? , ? Its past-set down before the Soul? and? Remorse is cureless-the Disease Not even God-can heal-For? tis his establishment and The Adequate of snake pit? One can see that Dickinson is non every bit clear as Whitman and the emotion she puts in her plants is tightly compacted. One must frequently read her plants several times to farther addition an apprehension of it. Whitman and Dickinson although regarded as the innovators in American modernism in poesy still decidedly differ in their manners. Whitman is really much the realist, painting a clear image in the reader? s heads of what he wants them to see, directing them where to travel. Dickinson is more of an impressionist, projecting carefully chosen words to her canvas that read like a mystifier that must be put together foremost.


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