Dieselboy – projectHUMAN

11 November 2019

DJ Dieselboy is an unsurpassed drum and bass artist.Dieselboy (aka Damien Higgins), whose last release, “The 6ixthSession,” sold over 80,000 copies to become the best-selling album inelectronic music history, was faced with the challenge of afollow-up.

With this year’s “projectHUMAN,” Dieselboy has puttogether a great collection of drum and bass worthy of your time. The CD is anenergetic mix that is a masterpiece showing amazing grace at a blazing 170 beatsper minute.

Dieselboy, called “the most in-demand American drum andbass DJ on the planet” by DJ Times magazine, spent October touring with thethird annual Planet Of The Drums alongside DJ Dara, AK 1200, and MC J-Messinianafter his Area 2 Tour. In July I went to a show and was amazed to see how manypeople were there. Then again, Dieselboy has always had an enormous audience. Ithink “projectHUMAN” will be an even bigger success!

In theprocess of planning the disc, Dieselboy called on the remixing talents of some ofthe best producers like E-sassin, Weapon, I-live, and Danny C from Twisted Anger.

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He put a lot of thought and effort into the CD, and I think it will sell welluntil his next album.

One of my favorite tracks on the 2-disc CD is”California Curse,” which starts slowly but then after a minute takesoff until your head is spinning. “ProjectHUMAN” is one of the mostextraordinary albums I have ever bought!.

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